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Shattered Time

A mysterious Rift has torn it’s way backwards through time and space, echoing from an event that hasn't happened yet. Begin your journey in one of three timelines to unravel a sequence of events leading to the end of all life on Earth.

In 1200 AD, the forests of Europe are alive with magic and secrets lost to time. When the Rift tears through the land, whole kingdoms vanish, new threats and monsters terrorize the people. Once great Camelot lies in ruins, and rumors speak of Avalon appearing in the mists.

In 2000 AD, a world unlike the one you know, a history changed sometime in the distant past. A world of industry built upon Magic as a source of energy. With the appearance of the Rift the world is losing its magic at an accelerated rate. Society on the brink of destruction, a World War on the rise. A solution is promised, a machine to control the Rift and turn it against the enemies of Europe. 

In 2400 AD, magic is all but lost in a world wracked by a war that nearly destroyed it. Society is split in two, the great Dome Cities rising above the ruins below. War has been declared again, but no one knows against whom. The Rift appeared the day the moon was split in two, the world is doomed to destruction, and no one knows who is responsible.

The mysteries at the core of each of these timelines, improbably connected across time, will reveal the threads of a plot spanning millennia. Secrets that will question the history of the world itself.

A storyline spanning across six major timelines and countless minor Rifts. Discover a world much like our own, as you uncover the lore of an altered history more and more divergent across time. Is there a source? A common point where something changed, or simply a picture of ‘a world that could have been,’ if myths and legends were true?

Info: Converted to a game engine called Chronicles of the Rift

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Shattered Time

Developer: Pixelation Games

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unlimited
Voice-acting: None

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Pixelation Games