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Box Art

Monday - May 15, 2017

Shiness - Review @ Old Man Mordaith

by Hiddenx, 20:04

Old Man Mordaith has reviewed the Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom:

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom – A Troubled World

An Embattled Beauty

Shiness: The Lightining Kingdom was created by the French indie studio Enigami. While published by the well recognized company that is Focus Home Interactive, this would be the ambitious first project for Enigami. Going to Kickstarter in May of 2014, the game eventually earned a bit over 130,000 dollars, surpassing it’s 100,000 goal.

This impressive-looking game would follow a fellowship of mixed creatures, mostly focused on the character Chado, a Waki – a furry, bipedal creature that may be part squirrel, but I was never really sure. Chado has a chip on his shoulders, but is never really angst-ridden like many JRPG protagonists, and he has the rare ability to see spirit creatures called the Shiness. Getting advice and often talking with his Shiness pal Terra, Chado eventually feels like an outcast in his own town, so he grabs an airship and takes off with his mechanic pal Poky. Eventually you meet more characters to add to the party as the gang quests to find The Lands of Life.

The game promised to be a strange hybrid. A few parts arena fighting game, a splash of manga, and a dose of JRPG. For what it’s worth, Enigami delivered on the intention. After having its release date pushed back several times, Shiness: The Lightining Kingdom finally arrived in April of 2017 at the price of $29.99 USD – and is available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4.


The Room From Hell

So there was a room. A room that nicely sums up my experiences with Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. I will avoid posting in-depth spoilers, but in one of the later areas of Act I you come to a room where you need to climb a ladder, traverse an obnoxious path that is easy to fall from, and need to get the right angle to do a puzzle. Each time you fell, you would need to once again find the sweet spot to be able to interact with the ladder.

Then endure the slow climbing animation only to carefully try to traverse the platform again.

Then, maybe you’ll luck out with your angle and get the simple puzzle to work.

Oh, did I mention, sometimes if you fell there were monsters waiting for you? Sometimes three – three hard ones.

And being the terrible noob I am, I fell often.

And that is a summary of my experience with the game: Struggling to interact with it, slowly climbing above painful and poorly executed combat mechanics, only to be suddenly and irritatingly be brought back down to them. All the while trying very hard to get to the brief moments of worthwhile exploration and puzzles.

While I do not know the under-the-hood mechanics of the game, there is a lot of tweaking here that could be done. In my review I made several observations that if even one was followed, would have made the game a much more enjoyable experience for myself.

This game has some very loud and proud fans, and good for them. I, however, am not one of them.

Rating 5.5/10


Saturday - April 29, 2017

Shiness - Review @ TechRaptor

by Hiddenx, 18:52

TechRaptor has reviewed the action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom:

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Review – Furry Beat Em Up

After slightly missing its original intended release window of 2015, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is finally in the hands of those who helped the project over-achieve on its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. The debut title from French independent developer Enigami, the game is based on a manga written by creator Samir Rebib and takes the form of an RPG with exploration, puzzle elements, and a combat system inspired by fighting games. All this and the manga aesthetic were more than enough to draw me in with interest. While I found myself enjoying my time with Shiness, there are a few areas where the title lacks polish and not all of its moving parts work equally well. This is an ambitious project for a smaller team and there are quite a few areas in which the game falls short of achieving these ambitions. Still, there’s a good combat system at its core and fans of the traditional JRPG and those who like a good fighting game or beat ’em up will find a lot to like here.



A hybrid of an interesting RPG setting, a fighting game style combat system of pleasing back and forths, and a great manga aesthetic, that is let down by frequent technical issues, a frustrating camera, and a poorly told story. Fans of both RPGs and Fighting games may well find something to love here but be prepared for a general lack of polish and some more glaring issues.


  •     Engaging and Complex Combat...
  •     Vibrant Manga Aesthetic...
  •     Expansive and Interesting Dungeons...
  •     An Intriguing Plot...


  •     ...With a Hugely Frustrating Camera
  •     ...With Some Horribly Low-res Textures
  •    ...With Dull and Imprecise Platforming segments
  •     ...With an Unsatisfying Conclusion

Score: 6.5/10

Tuesday - April 25, 2017

Shiness - Review @ Twinfinite

by Hiddenx, 19:21

Twinfinite has reviewed Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom:

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Is a Fresh But Flawed Take on the ARPG

In recent years ,the idea of a traditional RPG has evolved and matured. As the public became more self-aware in what they like and respond well to in games, RPGs began to take on more serious and darker tones with an emphasis on exploration and an open world. But in yearning for a lighter time filled with experimentation and cringe-worthy cheesy dialogue, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom was born. Shiness takes many of the things people loved about early 2000s RPGs and mixes in some modern twists for a game that can be both intensely fun and furiously aggravating at the same time.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom takes place on Mahera, a planet where even tiny, chubby teddy bear engineers know a surprising amount of martial arts. Our main character is Chado, a young martial artist from race of bear-like people known as Waki. Chado and his engineer friend, Poky, crash land on Gendys Island during their search for magical lands that are said to contain the power of life. Through a series of slapstick-style mishaps, Chado and Poky get caught up in the middle of a war where they befriend foes and seek to take down sources of Dark Shi.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a rare gem that captures the feeling of early PS2-era RPGs such as Dark Cloud and Grandia II while bringing it’s own brand of modern to the table. The game certainly isn’t perfect and the technical cracks most definitely show, but the things it tries to do well, it succeeds. Shiness’s combat is some of the most fun I’ve had with battle systems in a very long time and the feeling of laughing at poorly delivered jokes is something that will always work for me. Shiness is a game that would have seen big popularity if it had come out on the PS2. It’s for the crowd that desires a return to those old days only if for 40 or so hours and, unfortunately, I don’t see it landing much with anyone else.

Score: 3.5/5

Sunday - April 23, 2017

Shiness - Review @ Gamezone

by Hiddenx, 08:49

Gamezone has reviewed the action RPG Shiness:

Shiness Reminds the RPG Genre How to be Original

A colorful world injects new life into a familiar genre.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is an action-RPG that was funded partially on Kickstarter. Developed by Enigami, it was released on April 18, 2017. Initially, when it was announced, Shiness comes across as a bright and vivid RPG with interesting and original races and characters. With a nice roster of characters to play as the game looks like it calls back to the old days of classic RPGs with varied personalities.

As it turns out, aesthetically speaking, it did just that. But the gameplay was something refreshingly new. Fights take place in an arena, which is basically just where you were on the map with a bubble around the boundaries. The controls aren’t monstrously difficult, and fights can go pretty fast if weaknesses are taken advantage of.

Combat includes combos, dodging, parries, and spellcasting. Teammates can even be swapped out on the fly. Each character can be equipped with different equipment and fighting styles as well as spells, allowing players to custom build different characters with different strengths and weaknesses. Each character can only have four types of magic equipped at a time, but being able to switch out characters so easily allows for great strategies.


Overall, Shiness was an enjoyable game.

At a price point of $30, it’s absolutely worth the price despite its shortcomings. With how dense the world seems to be, many sequels could be spawned from this title, and perhaps even alleviating the previous complaint of unanswered questions.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a breath of fresh air, while also reminding us what made the PlayStation 2 era so great with its originality and narrative decisions. Many RPGs today resemble movies, leaving no room for the player to just feel the world out. Shiness encourages it with its dense and color packed environments and keeps you coming back with its fun combat.

Score: 8/10

Tuesday - April 18, 2017

Shiness - Released

by Hiddenx, 20:06

The Action RPG Shiness has been released - here's the launch trailer:

Shiness - Launch Trailer


Indie studio Enigami's Action-RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! Watch the launch trailer promising to take you on a journey through an enthralling universe on the verge of collapse, following the fragmentation of the planet Mahera. After crash-landing in a hostile land, Chado and his friends find themselves in the middle of a conflict between kingdoms.

The Shiness universe was born over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of Samir Rebib, Artistic Director of the studio. Composed of passionate people, the independent studio Enigami went through a successful Kickstarter campaign, allowing the project to grow and gain momentum, until it was supported by Focus Home Interactive. After Enigami put all its energy and passion into Shiness, a child's dream has finally turned a fully-fleshed indie-RPG with a bold personality!

In Shiness, take control of Chado and his four friends as they journey across a fractured world beset by a war between multiple factions. Combat is inspired by traditional fighting games, mixing fast-paced combos, parrying, blocking, and powerful magical abilities distinct for each character. Your party members' usefulness isn't limited to just combat - manipulate the environments around you with abilities such as Kayenne's telekinesis and Askel's far-reaching whip. Gain experience and level up after fights, while progressing in the storyline or by accomplishing numerous side quests. Evolve your characters, learn new skills and spells, and become the hero who will unify the civilizations of Mahera.

Saturday - March 25, 2017

Shiness - Release Date: April 18

by Hiddenx, 09:15

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will be released on April 18:

Release Date & Music Trailer

Our Action-RPG Shiness will arrive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 18 April 2017 as revealed in today’s Music Trailer.

The game’s universe was born over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of Samir Rebib, our Artistic Director. In today’s trailer, we invite you discovering the magical lands and characters of the Lightning Kingdom, accompanied by an entrancing, original soundtrack.


This gives you a first taste of the tracks that will accompany you along your journey. We have pumped all our energy and passion into Shiness, and in less than a month a child's dream finally becomes an indie-RPG with a bold personality… and enchanting music!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 18 April 2017.

Pre-orders for PC are open on Steam, and include the Official Shiness Manga, the Original Soundtrack and 15% off the game's price.

Friday - February 17, 2017

Shiness - Overview Trailer

by Myrthos, 12:21

An overview trailer for Shiness has been made available.


Shiness: the Lightning Kingdom Unveils its Overview Trailer 

Shiness is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

February 16, 2017 - Action-RPG Shiness, from indie studio Enigami, showcases the depth of its gameplay and enthralling universe in a brand new video. While Shiness releases in just a few weeks on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, its universe was born over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of Samir Rebib, Artistic Director of the studio. Comprised of passionate people, Enigami went through a successful Kickstarter campaign, allowing the project to grow and gain momentum, and it was then accompanied by Focus Home Interactive. Now that the development phase is nearing its conclusion, the indie studio keeps pumping all its energy and passion into Shiness, and a child's dream is finally becoming an indie RPG with a bold personality! 

Today's video invites you to the magical world of Shiness supported by a strong artistic direction, enthralling environments, and endearing characters. Explore the world and use your characters' special powers-Kayenne's telekinesis, Poky's electromagnetic field manipulation, and more-to progress in your adventure and find precious parchments, which are key to learn devastating spells and powerful combat techniques. 

Throughout your quest, take part in hyper-dynamic combat inspired by traditional fighting games as you use combos, special moves, magic, elemental affinities, and devastating finishers. As you complete quests and battles, you will gain experience and levels, develop your characters, and recruit new playable companions on your team. 

Shiness is coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Pre-orders for PC are already open on Steam and include the Official Shiness Manga, the Original Soundtrack, and a 15% discount.

Wednesday - September 21, 2016

Shiness - Behind the Scenes

by Hiddenx, 07:42

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom:


Go Behind-the-Scenes in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom trailer

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom,the upcoming Action-RPG from Enigami, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this December. This Behind-the-Scenes video tells the story of the birth of Shiness, and how a seven year-old Samir Rebib - creative director - imagined Shiness' magical universe 20 years ago when he drew his manga, before adapting his universe into a video game. In this video, Enigami studio is opening the door to their imaginary world and describe how they created the enchanting lore of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

The development team also tells us more about Shiness' fast-paced battle system, which blends RPG elements with classic fighting game mechanics. Mastering the real-time blocking, parrying, dodging and combos are key to progressing in your quest, with distinct playstyles across 5 different characters. Each character also has their own special abilities used outside of battle, vital for resolving the many puzzles scattered across the lands of Shiness.

Shiness features its own unique language, created in full just for this mythical universe - this intricate language helps players feel totally immersed in the world of Shiness. The soundtrack, composed entirely by Enigami director Hazem Hawash, only enriches this extraordinary world even further.

Harness the power of Shi alongside Chado and his allies in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC this December.

Pre-orders for PC are already open on Steam, including the Official Shiness Manga, the Original Soundtrack and 15% off the game's price.

Thursday - May 12, 2016

Shiness - New Screenshots

by Myrthos, 22:49

A couple of new screenshots have been made available for Shiness.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, the Action-RPG developed by Enigami Studio shows off new screenshots presenting the world of  Mahera, and its various environments. From the Meonis Plains to the Hall of Giants,  Shiness will surprise you with beautiful vistas and varied atmospheres. 

Travelling in  Shiness is centered on the Meonis Plains, linking the world together. The area is massive in scale and fighting and exploring throughout the land will take you through towns and villages for quests, open plains, and of course, puzzles and dungeons. 

One key place in the plains is  Shjue Village. Here, players can locate the mount vendor and purchase an Amos beast. These friendly-looking creatures help Chado and his friends travel the plains to quickly get from place to place. Your adventure will lead your group to immense locations like the mysterious  Train Station. This area is not only technologically superior to the neighboring settlements, but also militarized... you never know if you will be welcome or not to the places you visit, so stay on your guard! 

Explore and fight in the world of  Mahera as  Chado and his allies in  Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Coming 2016. 



Monday - March 07, 2016

Shiness - Preview @ PCGamesN

by Hiddenx, 19:02

PCGamesN has checked out the action JRPG Shiness:

When I first witnessed the game in action I thought I knew what to expect: a cute JRPG with a spot of exploration. Then the first battle kicked off and I sat up straighter. 

Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom – these aren’t the usual games conjured up by a role-playing fighting system, but Shiness is different. Enigami have taken the fast, tactical scraps from 2D fighters and plonked them inside an RPG, and the result is one of the most interesting battle systems that I’ve seen in the genre. 

Bouts take place in magical arenas. When an enemy is engaged, glowing, coloured boundaries pop into existence, marking the limits of the battlefield. They’re important, and not just because they keep fights more focused – the colour of the barriers have a significant impact on the brawl. If the barrier is red, for instance, then the arena has a fire affinity. The result: fire abilities are stronger, while water abilities are weaker. 

These barriers aren’t just random, either. If you’re fighting an enemy near a waterfall, for example, then chances are that the barrier will be blue. An ability can be unlocked that lets the player change the colour, as well. So in a fight with a fire-based foe, you might want to change the colour to blue, so the enemy’s fire attacks are weakened and your water attacks will do even more lovely damage.



Thursday - February 18, 2016

Shiness - Gameplay Video

by Myrthos, 16:08

A new gameplay video with combat for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has been made public.


Discover the dynamic combat system and expansive world exploration in Shiness 

The debut action RPG Shiness from studio Enigami reveals its gameplay today in a video dedicated to the combat, environments, and exploration in Mahera, the game's world. 

While exploring the world, you'll enter into battles seamlessly, earning experience points and learning new powers as you progress. To overcome dangers and dastardly bosses throughout the land, combat in Shiness utilizes traditional fighting game mechanics with an RPG flair. Fights in Shiness combine attacking, parrying, dodging and combos like in traditional fighter games with a clever use of elemental magic. 

You'll be able to play with (and fight with!) five different, original characters in Shiness. Each have their own unique skills and abilities, both for fighting and puzzle solving, all with RPG progression. Chado, for example, has the power to summon a boulder on his back to throw and act as a counterweight. Poky's skills manipulate the world's Shi to influence electrical currents, while Kayenne exploits powerful telekinetic talents. 

As you level up and explore the world of Mahera, you will find parchments that unlock new skills. These unlocked abilities can take the form of boons, curses, destructive magic and hyper moves. 

For even more info, feel free to visit our brand new website that will tell you everything you need to know about the game.


Thursday - January 21, 2016

Shiness - Interview @ WCCFTech

by Myrthos, 13:10

WCCFTech talked to Enigami’s CEO Hazem Hawash, to talk about their action RPG Shiness.

  • Shiness is officially described as a half-open world RPG, can you explain what that means exactly?
  • In Shiness, you can explore vast environments, like The Plains of Meonis, which is one of the main areas of the game where you can complete many quests or secondary objectives. Or discover narrow places like the dungeons, which are more similar to those you can cross in the Zelda games. Numerous enigmas and exploration phases await you!
  • Will it be possible to level up and upgrade/customize skills RPG style? If so, is there a level cap?
  • For sure! Shiness got its own skill system! You can customize all of your characters stats by equipping them with the items you’ll find during your journey. The level cap of each character will be fixed at 50.
  • Will there be proper boss fights in Shiness and if so, how many?
  • There are different bosses in Shiness, but we’d rather not tell you how many to keep the surprise! One thing is certain: we do our best to make the boss battles as epic as possible!

Thursday - December 10, 2015

Shiness - Teaser Trailer

by Hiddenx, 23:39

Couch spotted a new teaser trailer for Shiness:


Saturday - August 08, 2015

Shiness - GC 2015 Trailer

by Hiddenx, 10:26

A new trailer has been released for the Action-JRPG Shiness at GC2015:


Twitch combat and a sprawling world to explore - an RPG for young and old gamers!

Sunday - August 02, 2015

Shiness - New Artwork: The Zeils

by Hiddenx, 09:00

Take a look at the Zeils - some new creatures out of the great looking JRPG Shiness:

Saturday - July 11, 2015

Shiness - Beta Gameplay from Japan Expo 2015

by Gorath, 18:44

This video was posted on the Kickstarter page along with the beta announcement for Shiness. My French is a bit rusty, but maybe you can understand it.


Shiness - Kickstarter Update #37 - Beta Released!

by Gorath, 18:40

This one comes as a surprise after we've stopped covering the manga inspired RPG Shiness a year ago. In their new Kickstarter update the devs reveal the new beta available to all backers.

 Major announcement! Beta is here!
Owa djidjinoli!

It's tomorrow, the July 9th at 6 P.M (GMT +1), that we are putting online, from our website, the first beta version of the game. Beta backers will get all necessary information to download the game.

We are very happy to share with you this version of the game. The team has been working so hard to satisfy your expectations and we debug a lot of things since the Alpha (thank you so much alpha backers!). We need to say that this version is far from the final product, it has a lot of bugs, gameplay that can be better, graphics glitches etc... Don't hesitate to share with us your feeling on our forum:

The adventure you are going to play on this Beta is unique and will not be available anymore once the final game will be release. Every choice you are going to do will have a real impact on the final game.

Tuesday - June 10, 2014

Shiness - New Video & Game Funded

by Couchpotato, 01:36

Ynnis Interactive released the second part of the Pre-Alpha gameplay video that focuses on the games Abilities & Puzzles.

We are pleased to share the second pre-alpha gameplay video for Shiness, an indie Role Playing Game in development since 3 years.

Also the game is now funded and finished on kickstarter.

We raised exactly 139 865$! We naturally rounded it to 140 000$ on our own, which makes it possible to release Shiness on PS4 and Xbox One!

This is only the beginning of a great and bright adventure. We really hope you will enjoy the game, and we can’t wait to release the alpha!

Shiness is no longer a project; it is now a real upcoming game!

Thank you so much guys from all our heart, thanks to you we can realize our dream and make a great game. 

If you have discovered this Kickstarter campaign too late and want to help by pre-ordering the game or buy some nice add-ons through Paypal, we are opening next week a backer page in order to let you do that.

Tuesday - May 27, 2014

Shiness - Kickstarter Update

by Couchpotato, 00:47

It's been aweek since I updated you with any news about the JRPG game Shiness. The kickstater game has made $87,408 of the $100,000 goal with 12 days left.

The game also has a few more updates you can read from last week. For now here is a new video of the games first area that you play in the beginning.

Tuesday - May 20, 2014

Shiness - New Kickstarter Incentives

by Couchpotato, 06:02

Ynnis Interactive sent out a new press release with information they are offering some new Incentives for their RPG Shiness with ten days left to get funded.

Shiness revealed new incentives ten days after its kickstarter started

Shiness developer, Enigami, are proud to announce that funding is 80 % towards its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in a ten days and have revealed new incentives. Shiness has also been greenlit in five days thanks to the large and amazing steam community who supported us with such a big excitement !

A new stretch goal has been revealed : Playstation 4 if the campaign succeed and goes further to 140 000$.

Also the Linux community can be happy to know that the game will be available on Linux platforms without any stretch goals.

A lot of people are asking Enigami that is waiting for a Nintendo answer to port the game on WII-U.

Would-be and current backer may now add an additional $15 for an extra digital copy for PC Linux MAC and PS4 to give to friends and family.

By adding  $40, backers will get an exclusive physical dictionary book to understanding the whole Shiness Language.

For more information, take a look at the 6th kickstarter update we've made :

Thursday - May 15, 2014

Shiness - Conference Video #3

by Couchpotato, 05:21

Ynnis Interactive has a new kickstarter update for Shiness with the third part of their video conference, and talks about the games Linux version.

Conference Part 3 : Gameplay & System Requirements

I hope you are well since yesterday. Today we will be dealing with the gameplay. But first, I would like to announce great news!

Linuxians friends:

We have the possibility to export the game on Linux. Many thanks to our backers who put us on the right track to Ryan C. Gordon from the website Icculuss. This dear Ryan confirmed us the game can be easily exported to Linux. We rely on you to let the whole Linux community know if they are interested in playing a good RPG!

Let us now turn to the main topic of this update:

The video you are going to watch contains the following section of the conference we gave in Paris. Don’t worry though, we are currently preparing a complete video about the gameplay. We will post two videos about it during this campaign. The first one will be about the fighting, and the second one about the puzzles. Come back on Kickstarter as often as possible in order to watch the amazing features we will post. We look forward to showing you that. 

Here are the minimal system requirements in order to play Shiness:

Windows, Linux, or Mac Operating System
2 GB system RAM
10 GB free hard drive space
Video Card with 512MB Memory

If you feel your computer won’t agree with that, you may opt for the PS4 version. As a reminder, the pledge you use works with any version. We will contact you at the end of the campaign to ask you on which platform you want your copy of the game.

Concerning the multiple copies of the game, and to answer to a question you often asked us: know that you can choose the platform you prefer for any copy of the game. As an example, if you asked for the pledge with 3 copies, you are free to choose 2 PC copies and 1 PS4 copy if you wish so.

This weekend, our Parisian friends will test a Story version of Shiness but also a Versus Mode version we are currently prototyping. You can expect us to do a pretty photos and video album.

Edit : We've just heard that we've been Greenlit, that was after this update published. Thank you from all of our heart for your votes! You guys are so great!

Tuesday - May 13, 2014

Shiness - Conference Video #2

by Couchpotato, 01:21

Ynnis Interactive has a new kickstarter update for Shiness with news about the PS4 stretch goal, and share the second part of their video conference.

PS4 Stretch Goal - Conference Part 2 : Universe


We are very proud to announce that we are heading for a PlayStation 4 release! Thanks to you guy, we can dream bigger.  

Why 140 000$?

We will need some extra help to port the game on PlayStation 4; Moreover, we’ll have to pay for the development kit (around 2 500$). Unreal Engine 3 is not suited for PS4 development: that means we shall need to modify our current engine, which can take quite a bit of time.The debug phase may also require a lot of extra development time that will, of course, need to be funded. On the top of that, we’ll have to pay Amazon taxes! If we succeed to reach this goal and release Shiness on PS4, we will start to work on these matters A.S.A.P., as we want the game to be ready for next year! 

As a conclusion, here is the second part of the conference, focusing on the universe. Hope you will enjoy!

Monday - May 12, 2014

Shiness - New Updates & Video

by Couchpotato, 05:24

The new kickstarter Shiness has managed to make $49,973 of the $100,000 goal. So it's safe to say it's going well, and the deveopler also posted two new updates.

1000 backers in a couple of days ! 

First of all, Thank you so much! You are now 1000 supporting us, it makes us so happy to see so many of you liking our project ! It means there is hope for us to make Shiness happen!


We are seriously thinking about more localization for the game since we had a lot of demands for Portuguese, German and Spanish. That will come with new stretch goals! 

DRM-free ? 

Lots of you are asking for DRM-free. We are aware that DRM never stopped piracy and we want to stay far away from annoying methods when playing Shiness. That's why we are very proud to announce we will also post the game on the GoG service (which is an alternative to Steam). Your feedbacks are truly welcome, it helps us making this campaign better!


PayPal support is definitely planned for those who want an alternative to Amazon Payment. We are still thinking about when to launch Paypal and we'll get back to you on that as soon as possible! 

Alpha - Beta Demos

We are working on a schedule for the demos. As for the Alpha, we will send you a key which you'll have to register on our website ( We are also planning on making a private forum only for the tier Alpha backers and once you sign the NDA, you'll be able to play the Alpha. All of your feedbacks will help us to make the game a lot better! Beta will come after and it'll help us to debug the game. It will also have a dedicated forum. 


We are now at 45 %. Only 55% left to make it to the top 100. All of this thanks to your votes guys, thank you very much !

Sunday - May 11, 2014

Shiness - A New JRPG PC Game

by Couchpotato, 09:47

Shiness is a new kickstarter game that aims to combine a manga and JRPG. The developer Ynnis Interactive is asking for $100,000.  Here is the pitch video.

Shiness is a Role Playing Game which will let you dive into a new adventure across Sky Islands. In a world where every land strives for power, two Wakis named Chado and Poky, traveling aboard a flying boat, accidentally land on a very dangerous island. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into a huge universe that will stay with you for a long time! With its unpredictable storylines and frenetic gameplay, Shiness is waiting for you to play the story imagined 20 years ago by our Creative Director and finally brought to life.

Information about

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

Developer: Ynnis Interactive

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 10-20 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2017-04-18
· Publisher: Focus Entertainment