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Saturday - October 01, 2022
Sunday - February 28, 2016
Thursday - June 14, 2012
Thursday - September 07, 2006
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Saturday - October 01, 2022

Silent Storm - Retrospective Review

by Hiddenx, 09:04

2 Headed Hero looks back at Silent Storm:

Silent Storm and Sentinels (PC) ULTIMATE Retro Review : UNPARALLELLED DESTRUCTION!

Sunday - February 28, 2016

Silent Storm - Retrospective Review @ RPS

by Hiddenx, 09:36

Eye spotted this retrospective review for Silent Storm at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

The Joy Of Destruction In Silent Storm

It’s a strange time to look at old turn-based shooters. While we’re hardly swamped, the genre has left its dormancy, casting strange shadows on our old sacred cows. Whisper it now: maybe some of those old things we championed for so long aren’t all that great?

Fortunately, Silent Storm can ignore such insinuations, as it was never sacred. Its 2003 release by Nival Interactive caused little splash, and it didn’t find the legendary status of UFO or the dedicated mod scene of Jagged Alliance 2.

Playing it now, that strikes me as completely unfair.


Thursday - June 14, 2012

Silent Storm - Released on GOG

by Dhruin, 22:46

Nival's classic turn-based strategy/RPG Silent Storm is now available on GOG, writes Capt. Huggy Face. The $9.99 bundle includes the Sentinels addon.

Thursday - September 07, 2006

Silent Storm: Review @ StrategyCore

by Dhruin, 22:40
StrategyCore has posted a belated but enthusiastic review of Silent Storm. The score is 9/10 and here's an excerpt:
Drop this mix of characters, skills, abilities and weapons into one of the best fully 3D battlefields I have ever seen, which is where you will be spending the majority of the game. Combat is carried out in traditional turn-based fashion, very sportsmanlike, to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at everyone else. Every turn, each character gets an amount of action points, or APs, with which to carry out (can you guess?) actions, such as aiming, running, climbing, shooting and throwing. Oddly, swapping items between inventory and active slots does not cost any APs, but this felt too much like cheating to me, so I used a mod to rectify the oversight. The amount of APs necessary for firing a weapon vary widely, depending not only upon which type of shot you use (snap, aimed, careful, short burst, long burst), but also the type of weapon. You can fire six or seven snap shots with a pistol for an identical AP cost of one careful shot with a sniper rifle, so there is always a massive range of options open to you in any tactical situation. Yet another option is to target specific body parts, which can result in the hilarity of blinding them, blowing their gun out of their hand and other fun stuff.

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Silent Storm

Developer: Nival

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2003-11-07
· Publisher: JoWooD