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Saturday - October 19, 2019
Friday - March 01, 2019

Saturday - October 19, 2019

Silk - Released

by Hiddenx, 07:47

Explore the ancient silk road in the simulation RPG Silk:


Enter the biggest handcrafted open world of all time, fifty times larger than Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall! Explore three million square miles of uncharted terrain from Roman Damascus to Three Kingdoms China in an exploration RPG that transports you onto the Ancient Silk Road of 200AD.


From a parallel dimension where they still make keyboard-controlled, square-based RPGs in 2019 comes the new game from Chris Bateman (Discworld Noir, Ghost Master, Heretic Kingdoms). Can you puzzle out the secrets of the four distinct challenges await you in Silk?

  • Explore the vast expanse of the Silk Road in an epic journey across dangerous wilderness as The Traveller.
  • Overthrow Rome's greatest enemy, the powerful Parthian Empire, as The Rebel.
  • Master the art of raiding to capture the fortunes of rival kingdoms as The Warlord.
  • Carve out a trading empire between the brutal battlegrounds of the Silk Road as The Noble.

One colossal world, four unique challenges. Do you have what it takes to master Silk?

  • Level up any seven of the thousands of Advisors in the game as you hire your perfect party, each of which unlocks hundreds of unique choices in the world
  • Battle, Trade, or Explore: play the game your way as you amass a well-provisioned caravan or build your own renegade army
  • Discover the lost genre of tile-based RPGs (Eye of the Beholder, The Bard’s Tale) remastered for the twenty first century

Friday - March 01, 2019

Silk - Historical RPG Silk on Kickstarter

by Forgottenlor, 16:26

A kickstarter campaign has started for the historical adventure rpg game Silk.

Silk is a Sandbox RPG Adventure Game and a tribute to the late Mike Singleton, especially his groundbreaking 1984 game The Lords of Midnight.

With a lo-fi visual aesthetic and a lightweight interface that delivers endless engaging decisions, Silk is an innovative role-playing adventure like no other. Rise into glory by running your caravan from the Roman Empire to war-torn Three Kingdoms China. Defend yourself from bandits, sandstorms, and rebellions by hiring Advisors skilled in everything from battle to wayfinding. Fall in love with your own unique party of Advisors and the enchanting world of the Ancient Silk Road in 200 AD.

Recruit: Choose the Advisers to protect and advise your caravan

Do you want the best Guide, or someone who is skilled in both Wayfaring and Battle? Will you hire Merchants and Camels and transport goods, or Guards and Horses and raid other caravans? Will you befriend the locals with Ritegivers who can take part in the regional ceremonies, or defy the gods and go your own way?

Travel: Follow the paths between the great cities of the Silk Road

Find your own path through the wilderness, or travel faster by taking the more direct roads. However, you must keep your eyes on the road ahead - a rock fall, bandit ambush, or sandstorm might lie in your path. Do you face the danger, or turn back and take a longer route

Lead: Listen to your Advisors and make the best decisions you can

Everywhere you go, four of your party will suggest options. In the city, do you hire a Soldier and some Guards to protect you, or save the silver to buy more spices for trade? In the wilds, do you stop to hunt for food, or hope you can make it to town before your supplies run out?

Fate: Traverse the Silk Road, or raise an army to claim a Kingdom!

Each game begins by choosing a Heroic Destiny - will you be the first traveller to cross the entire length of the Silk Road and back? Or will you forge a trading empire that spans the world? Or will you raise an army and overthrow the Parthian Empire, or build your own kingdom?




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Developer: Unknown

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: Adventure-RPG
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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2019-10-11
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