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Tuesday - June 21, 2016
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Thursday - February 11, 2016
Wednesday - January 06, 2016
Monday - September 07, 2015
Wednesday - July 29, 2015
Friday - May 29, 2015
Thursday - November 20, 2014
Box Art

Tuesday - June 21, 2016

Sketch Tales - Terrain Editor and Magic

by Myrthos, 12:19

On of the new features in the upcoming update for Sketch Tales is the terrain editor, for which a video has been made available.


In addition the most recent update of the game also provides an animation of some magic in action.

Here's a fresh look a player doing some damage with their magic of choice: fireballs!

As mentioned a couple weeks back, fireballs are just one type of magic weaponry you will be able to use to battle it out. Different sorts of magic can be found in any game but the best part is that players will be able to draw their own magic, add it to their character, and go nuts! Want to inflict pain with deadly purple apples? Go for it! How about pink rabbits as your magic weapon of choice? Sure thing! Plan on getting creative in how you brawl SOON.

Monday - March 21, 2016

Sketch Tales - Evil Sorcery

by Myrthos, 14:29

In a series of 'Secret Tapes', the devs of Sketch Tales bring us a video showing evil sorcery.


Thursday - February 11, 2016

Sketch Tales - Drawing Terrain

by Myrthos, 12:12

In a new video for Sketch Tales the drawing terrain tools are shown. Can't embed the video, so you have to go to the link.

Wednesday - January 06, 2016

Sketch Tales - Version 0.151

by Myrthos, 12:14

A new version for the draw your own RPG, Sketch Tales has been made available.

We hope you are having good fun this holiday season. To cheer you up even more, we've got a cool Sketch Tales update for you today. It's plentiful of great new features, so you sure wanna check it out. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT! We’ve uploaded this version to an experimental thread in order to test it. If you want to try it out, then right-click Sketch Tales in the games library, choose Properties and “experimental” in the BETAS section and in the section of LOCAL FILES click on "VERIFY INEGRITY OF GAME CACHE ...". Your version will then update to 0.151.

If all goes well, we will upload this update to the main thread within a few days.

• Big new Sketchmen Party location added in the Story mode;
• Block added – now you can block with the right mouse button;
• Shield added – protects under blocking;
• Magic Book added – press C to activate, contains all the player’s scrolls. Collect scrolls by playing through the Stories. Scrolls found can be used in the Sandbox mode;
• Character pick window changed – we simplified it and made more comfortable, background added;
• Autosave zones added in the Sketchmen Party;
• Screen going red effects added when losing HP;
• Snow added;
• Cold effect added – character gets cold, you can warm yourself at bonfire;
• Steps on snow added;
• Loading bar added;
• Weapons hit zone increased;
• World Noise ambient added in the Sketchmen Party;
• New music tracks added;
• Ability to fly disabled in the Story mode;
• UNDO – number of steps increased;
• REDO added – Ctrl+R;
• Description window added in the editor – now each scroll can be given its own description;
• Your Name and Story can now be modified in the Inventory;
• Magic Book icon added to the Inventory;
• Statues added;
• Weapons and Creatures scrolls got various characteristics added;
• New scrolls added – monsters, weapons, items etc.

Monday - September 07, 2015

Sketch Tales - In Early Access

by Myrthos, 12:22

Sketch Tales, the game in which you draw your own RPG, is now available in Steam Early Access.

Sketch Tales is an immersive action-RPG sandbox where what you draw becomes what you play. You appear in a hand-drawn world, wherefrom all the colors had been stolen by a supervillain warlock. Get revenge on him, join him or ignore him – you have all the options for both gameplay and story are non-linear.

Key Features:

  • Drawing magic: create anything and change the game world with doodling
  • No sweat fun: zero artistic skills required to get instant fun
  • Freedom of choice: create a fully unique character and chose any path for him
  • Paint the town red: invite your friends into the world you created, explore together or fight each other, exchange your creations with other players.
  • Living universe: huge open world with deep atmosphere and random events. AI life simulation system gives each NPC unpredictable behavior patterns, desires, needs and emotional connections.
  • Law & disorder: Abide by the laws of physics or break them - destructible objects, forces of nature and degradable materials are affected by you and affect the world around you.

Wednesday - July 29, 2015

Sketch Tales - To Early Access

by Myrthos, 12:25

Sketch Tales, the RPG you draw yourself, is coming to Steam Early Access in September with a $9.99 price tag.

Friends, it’s just about four weeks before summer sings its farewell song. You (as much as we) are counting days for Sketch Tales Early Access to come out. But what if you get stuck in this stunning living world, fascinated by your drawings coming to life? You might completely forget about the beach, cocktails and the fading summer. That’s way too much risk! Therefore we decided to postpone the Early Access till September.

Jokes aside, we value quality as highly as creativity. We want to have you immersed in an incredible adventure which will leave a ton of positive impressions. For that we’d still need to polish things here and there, tweak things a bit and add a few surprises on top.

So, keep your brushes peeled: the drawing adventure will start in September!
And now, the announcement that many of you have been waiting for. We are ready to name the price of the game. Early Access which will get upgraded to the full version will cost $9.99.

Here is a song from the game


And some screens.

Friday - May 29, 2015

Sketch Tales - Draw Your Game

by Myrthos, 16:12

A press release was just made about a sandbox action RPG, where you can draw your own game, named Sketch Tales. The game is made by, amongst others, people working on  S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Sketch Tales is an Action/RPG Sandbox game where your drawings come to life. The game is set in a black-and-white world where all the colors had been stolen by a supervillain warlock. The player is to find the colors and give them back to the locals. But while on his story-driven escapades, the player can easily take a stop to… change the world by filling it with his own fantasies!

For example, you could draw a monster within mere seconds and get him instantly live in the game. The player can create various constructions using multiple forms, building materials and items found in the game. All that, coupled with realistic physics effects and advanced character AI allows bringing any ideas to life and changing the game world as far as the player’s imagination could take him.

Key USPs:
·         Total freedom of action: create your own character to be a hero, a wanderer, a creator, a slaughterer or someone else.
·         Fight numerous enemy types using various weapons and battle magic, chase and escape, avoid deadly traps and magic anomalies.
·         Communicate and trade with NPCs, accomplish quests. AI life simulation system.
·         Huge game world. Create and build your own ones.
·         Realistic physics: destructible objects, impact by forces of nature etc.
·         Share your characters, monsters, items or entire worlds with friends.
·         Play solo or multiplayer with your friends. The game is supported on various devices.

About 8D Studio

8D Studio is a young development studio from Kiev, founded by Alex Sytianov, ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Lead Storywriter and Game Designer. We have both Ukrainian game industry veterans and young enthusiasts on our team. At the moment the studio is developing the Sketch Tales project. The game is planned for release in 2016. We also plan to launch the title in Early Access on Steam in summer 2015.

Here are some screens to get an idea:



And here is a video of their first development diary:


Thursday - November 20, 2014

Sketch Tales - On Kickstarter

by Myrthos, 23:24

Scetch Tales is a First-person action RPG sandbox game, where you can transform the game by drawing anything while playing and is currently on Kickstarter.

In the game you draw your character and play with it, while drawing the objects in the game world around you.

  • Gameplay level - anything you meet in the game world you can redraw or duplicate. For instance, different kinds of weapons, animals and NPCs, parts of buildings and elements of nature.
  • Exploration level - search the world to find new tools and Sketches – scrolls, that allow you to draw new types of objects and creatures.
  • Educational level - while playing Sketch Tales, you will improve your real-life drawing skills. Evolve from simple black & white drafts to complete paintings in full color.
  • Technical level - easy and accessible ingame drawing editor with the opportunity to make almost unlimited frames for animation.

It certainly is something different.

Thanks crpgnut.

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