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Saturday - April 08, 2023
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Box Art

Saturday - April 08, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, 08:59

ColorsFade Gaming checked out the Strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

Let's Play Spellforce: Conquest of Eo - Episode 1

Wednesday - February 15, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Review

by Hiddenx, 11:25

G-Lyfe reviewed the strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:


Spellforce has over a 20-year history of games ahead of this latest iteration Conquest of EO. Developed by Owned by Gravity and published by THQ Nordic SpellForce: Conquest of Eo takes you on a path to become the most powerful mage in the world of EO. A special blend of tactical battles which lead your armies into ever-changing turn-based strategy RPG style combat. SpellForce: Conquest of EO combines unique elements from 4x strategy titles, RPGs, and turn-based tactical combat games alongside a plethora of procedurally generated adventures priced at $29.99.


I really enjoyed this genre mash between a turn-based RPG and 4X. The pace of the game offers constant action to keep you on your toes. 3 different base playstyles  and a custom mode in combination with 5 difficulties allow you to play the game how you want to play it. The combat system is too much fun to not want to buy this game at the friendly price of $29.99. I am going to keep this installed and play through a few different modes for sure!

Score: 8/10

Tuesday - February 14, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Preview

by Hiddenx, 08:14

Mortismal Gaming checked out the Strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

Check Out - Spellforce: Conquest of Eo

Sunday - February 05, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Review @ Gamebanshee

by Hiddenx, 21:39

Gamebanshee has reviewed the strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

 SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Review

Released back in 2003 hot on the heels of WarCraft III, SpellForce: The Order of Dawn was following what was supposed to become this big trend of combining the RPG and RTS genres. Far from a mere clone, the original SpellForce tipped the design scales closer to the RPG side of things, offering entire sections that played like a more traditional action-RPG in a fantasy setting that gladly embraced all the cheesy clichés.

The game was followed by several expansions and a proper sequel that had its own share of post-launch content. Afterward, the series laid dormant until THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games resurrected it in late 2017 with SpellForce III. The new entry experimented with a more grounded tone and acted as a prequel to the first SpellForce.

But seeing how, unlike in the early 2000s, it's the turn-based games that get people going these days, THQ Nordic has apparently decided to hedge their bets. Enter Owned by Gravity and SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - a turn-based take on the long-running series.



A somewhat askew balance of narrative and sandbox content, a haphazard approach to combat arenas, and a far from stellar UI prevent SpellForce: Conquest of Eo from becoming an instant, probably cult, classic.

But even so, it's still easily one of the best and most engaging video games in recent memory thanks to its complex interconnected systems, satisfying level of challenge, emergent elements, and that hard-to-pin-down "just one more turn" feel.

Saturday - February 04, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Review @ Fextralife

by Hiddenx, 09:16

Fextralife checked out the Strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

SpellForce Conquest of Eo Gameplay Preview - Is it Worth It Should You Play it?

Friday - February 03, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Release Day

by Hiddenx, 11:38

The Strategy RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo will be released today:

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo

Command mighty heroes and armies and send them on countless quests. Fill your grimoire with spells to grow your power and raise your wizard’s tower to become the greatest mage of all time. Conquer Eo in this rich turn-based strategy game set in the world of SpellForce.

Become the greatest of mages in this turn-based fantasy epic set in the world of SpellForce! From the humble beginnings of your small wizard’s tower, send forth your minions and heroes to explore the realms of Eo. Grow your influence and power and fill your grimoire with arcane knowledge. Face off against magical competitors in your hunt for ancient artefacts and hidden secrets as you build up your tower and area of influence to unleash the greatest spell the world has ever known.

  • Build up your tower and construct new rooms to determine your wizard’s path
  • Recruit individual heroes to lead your troops, each with their personal quest
  • Make the living interactive grimoire reveal new secrets and spells to you
  • Craft anything from magical runes and artefacts to undead minions
  • Discover new adventures with each procedurally generated campaign


Tuesday - January 24, 2023

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Launch: February 3

by Hiddenx, 11:23

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo will be released on February 3:

Magical Times Ahead! SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Will Release on February 3rd!

Are you ready to embark on a journey to become the most powerful mage of all time? SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, launching on PC on February 3rd, 2023, offers a deep 4X experience with an abundance of content and high replayability.
With over 80 handcrafted battle maps across 15 unique environments, players can assemble their armies from a variety of over 100 units, including dwarven axe wielders, stone golems, orcish shamans, and majestic griffons. Perfect your armies by hiring one of more than 15 heroes and apprentices to lead them. Embark on a plentitude of adventures and master over 700 handwritten quests.
As a master of magic, research over 100 different spells in your grimoire and use them strategically in tactical battles that demand consideration of flanking, range, visibility, high ground, and special battle enchantments. Explore the vast world of Eo, a magical realm full of treasures and resources, inhabited by various races such as men, elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins, and monsters. Are you ready to experience the ultimate adventure?

Watch the latest trailer here:

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience by combining elements of 4X strategy games, RPGs, and turn-based tactical combat. The mobile base of operations - your mage's tower - and depleting resources keep players constantly moving, preventing the stagnation that can occur in the late-game of other 4X games. Instead, the game focuses on the thrill of discovery and danger of early gameplay, while also allowing for research and experimentation to improve units as they level up and acquire new equipment and abilities. With a wealth of procedurally generated adventures and RPG elements, SpellForce: Conquest of Eo transforms the classic RTS-RPG mix into a turn-based 4X RPG experience that is sure to keep players engaged.

Thanks Couchpotato!

Wednesday - December 21, 2022

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, 18:06

GamerZakh checked out SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

The New SPELLFORCE Game... Conquest of Eo!

Saturday - November 26, 2022

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Developer Insight

by Hiddenx, 14:51

Developer insight #4 has been published for the turn-based tactical RPG SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

Developer Insight #4

Battle Action

Time for action!

Venerable Mages,
as promised, today we are going take a deeper dive into our combat and action system at the core of our battles. It is a bit different from what many games do, so bear with me for a second.

Basically, all our units have three actions represented by the little yellow diamonds beneath the health bar. Each turn, every unit can use up to two of them for movement with distance depending on movement range of unit. The remaining action can be spend on a defensive “guard” action or an attack. If you don’t spend actions on movement, you can use them for attacks, cast a spell or execute some other ability. These will always consume ALL remaining actions, and here is where we already differ from many games: We use what we call the ‘Committed Action System’.

So, when you decide to cast a spell or to attack someone, you automatically spend all remaining action points on that task, fully committing to that course of action. In the below picture, the necromancer’s apprentice has just cast a spell to heal the skeletons above him, so he has no more actions left.

He could have spent two actions for moving and still cast the spell but once he does cast it, he will be ‘committed’, spending all his remaining actions. In the same vein, once the skeletons now decide to attack those Paladins left of them, they will commit fully to attacking, spending all three actions for three attacks on those pesky humans.

This makes combat much more fluid and faster than counting action points while still leaving a lot of room to maneuver. You don’t have to decide what to do for each single action point and you focus your attacks on one enemy. But it also means you need to think about which target to choose.

In melee every attack further results in a counter-attack, that will cost action points for the defender. Action points don't refresh on YOUR turn, but at the beginning of a full turn – meaning at the same time for both you and the enemy. So you effectively have three actions to divide across movement and attack or defense – if you attack, you cannot keep points for defense and vice versa.

At first glance this may seem to just be a way to speed up combat, but this actually opens up a lot of tactical depth: First, players can flank the enemy (giving you an unopposed attack) or position their units for a better range (but take heed of zone of control or you may suffer free attacks by the enemy) and still attack or stay back and prepare a defense for the enemy.

Players also decide when to commit to an attack or wait for the enemy. But if the enemy attacks first, it will drain your action points by simply attacking your unit with three attacks – resulting in all points spent counter-attacking in melee and leaving you out of options when your turn comes.

Of course, you can do the same to them: Swarm a big strong troll with hordes of undead and risk a few of them (easily replaced by summoning more), to keep the enemy permanently occupied and allowing you free attacks once the troll’s actions are exhausted. It allows you to control which of your units receives damage and prevents strong single units from using special skills that can devastate your army.



Monday - June 13, 2022

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Announced

by Hiddenx, 16:47

A new Spellforce game is in the making - SpellForce: Conquest of Eo:

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo - Announcement Trailer


A new chapter in the grimoire of SpellForce awaits. SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is coming to PC.

Command mighty heroes, raise your wizard’s tower and hunt down ancient artefacts and secrets to become the greatest of mages in this turn-based fantasy epic set in the world of SpellForce!

Information about

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo

Developer: Owned by Gravity

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2023-02-03
· Publisher: THQ Nordic