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Sunday - April 15, 2007
Thursday - March 22, 2007
Wednesday - March 14, 2007
Friday - February 02, 2007
Wednesday - January 31, 2007
Thursday - October 19, 2006
Saturday - August 26, 2006
Wednesday - August 23, 2006
Monday - July 31, 2006
Wednesday - July 19, 2006
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Sunday - April 15, 2007

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm - Review @ Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 00:29

Eurogamer has the first English review of Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm that we've noticed.  The text is generally positive although there are no exciting additions, so the result is a "palatable" 6/10:

If you've played through the SpellForce series, you'll know that SpellForce 2 pushed the game more towards the RPG elements and away from the RTS base-building (without abandoning the latter completely). Dragon Storm pushes even further in this direction, often presenting you with maps which are tackled by your small party of heroes as opposed to an army of troops. When bases are involved they're largely pre-constructed, and the game takes a completely different tack on army building in some missions. For example, the aforementioned General Redmond's problem this time around is that his troops are besieged and starving. If you can get food to him, some of his men will recover their strength and fight for you, and there are two different ways to acquire the necessary rations to bolster your ranks - take to the wilds and hunt game, or raid an enemy supply convoy.

Thursday - March 22, 2007

SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm - Preloads Open

by Dhruin, 11:16

JoWood and Deep Silver have announced the Spellforce 2 expansion Dragon Storm is now available for preload through their digital delivery partner Buy&Download (catchy name).  Apparently buyers will be able to activate on the 22nd (23:00 GMT).

Source: Bluesnews

Wednesday - March 14, 2007

SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm - Screens @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 21:41

Five screens from Phenomic's Spellforce 2 expansion Dragon Storm are available at Worthplaying.

Friday - February 02, 2007

SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm - Screens @ 3D Gamers

by Dhruin, 11:41

3D Gamers has a collection of new screens from Phenomic's Spellforce 2 expansion, Dragon Storm.

Wednesday - January 31, 2007

SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm - German Release Date set

by Garrett, 10:37

Koch Media just sent out a PR setting the release date for the Spellforce 2 expansion Dragon Storm to March 27th 2007 in German speaking territories, other countries still just have a Q1/2007 date.

Thursday - October 19, 2006

SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm - Release Date

by Dhruin, 23:18 has an announcement from JoWood setting the release date for Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm at Q1 2007:

Liezen, Austria, Oktober 18th 2006; Publisher JoWooD Productions and Developer Phenomic announce the release of the official AddOn for SpellForce 2 – Shadow Wars for the first quarter 2007.

Continuing the success of the series of SpellForce titles JoWooD Productions brought a new star to the gamesheaven; SpellForce 2 - providing great gameplay, highest technnical qualities wich resulted in a great reception from international games press and the fans of the SpellForce-series alike. Phenomic have been working on SpellForce 2 – Dragon Storm for some time now and will provide a fantastic expansion to the fascinating RTS/RPG Hit.

Source: Bluesnews

Saturday - August 26, 2006

Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm - GC Trailer @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 23:59
A 156Mb GC trailer for Phenomic's 'Spellforce 2: Dragon Wars' expansion is available at Worthplaying.

Wednesday - August 23, 2006

Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm Screens @ 3D Gamers

by Kalia, 15:37
3D Gamers has the first four screenshots from Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm. The expansion for Spellforce 2 is due to be released in Q4 2006. Head over for a peek.

Source: 3D Gamers

Monday - July 31, 2006

Aspyr to bring Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm to NA

by Dhruin, 22:29
Not surprising given their recent collaborations but IGN has news that Aspyr will bring the Spellforce 2 expansion 'Dragon Storm' to NA this winter.

Wednesday - July 19, 2006

Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm Announced

by Dhruin, 02:21
We revealed the Dragon Storm expansion to Spellforce 2 back in May with some screenshots (<a href="" target="_blank">story</a>) but the official announcement is now here with a release date of Winter 2006. Here's a snip, courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Worthplaying</a>:<blockquote><em>a SWith international ratings of over 90 percent, SpellForce 2 has received great success since its launch this spring,a ? said Amelie Clement, senior brand manager, JoWooD Productions. a SSpellForce 2 a  Dragon Storm is the perfect extension to the popular series. We are convinced that this new part of SpellForce, which awakes the most dreaded creatures, will be a very special highlight for the community and will guarantee many hours of game fun.a ?<br><br>SpellForce 2 a  Dragon Storm takes players through a fascinating and exciting challenge as they fight for the magical portals, which seem to be the only connection between the shattered islands of Eo. During the search for the font, which could replace the dwindling energy and save the magical portals, the player recovers old runes and amazing traces of the most powerful creatures of the past: dragonsa ¦ </em></blockquote>

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