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Wednesday - September 12, 2012
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Wednesday - September 12, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - Review @ GameBanshee

by Myrthos, 23:36

Gamebanshee reviews Faith in Destiny the stand-alone expansion pack to Spellforce 2 leading to the following conclusion:

Creating an expansion pack for a six-year-old game is one of the most curious things I've ever seen a developer do, and I've been covering games for a while now.  I liked the earlier SpellForce games pretty well, but I don't think they're particularly well-known or have a rabid following, so Faith in Destiny was likely doomed from the start -- even if it has been a quality addition, which it isn't.  If the idea of playing an RPG/RTS hybrid appeals to you, then I'd recommend the earlier SpellForce games and perhaps even Dragonshard before wasting any money on Faith in Destiny.

Tuesday - July 24, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - Review @ GameSpot

by Dhruin, 22:42

GameSpot takes a look at Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny, handing down a score of 5.5/10. While the underlying gameplay still works, the article criticises the lack of changes and the poor plot introduction given the five-year gap in the series:

Five years is a span of time normally reserved for the development cycles of products like meaty sequels to sprawling role-playing games. Fans of 2006's SpellForce 2, however, have spent that many years waiting not for its sequel, but for the game's next expansion. Finally, you can once again experience the unique mix of RPG mechanics and real-time strategy that made SpellForce 2's initial release such a success. And that's part of the problem. After so long a wait, Faith in Destiny feels like more of the same despite a handful of tweaks. 

Faith in Destiny is a stand-alone expansion, fortunately, which means you won't have to spend hours looking through old hard drives if you want to pick up where you left off after Dragon Storm, SpellForce 2's only other expansion. At the same time, it's also a little surprising to discover that the story unfolds as if this were 2007 and you still had fresh memories of the struggle with the Shaper in your head. As a result, important names drop without background, characters mention key concepts without much context, and it takes some time or some digging for new players to realize the importance of the portals everyone keeps talking about.

Thursday - June 21, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - First Review

by Gorath, 19:55

As you have probably already noticed, SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny has been released this week. The stand-alone add-on to the brilliant SpellForce 2 was in development hell for a couple of years. It was nearly finished when JoWooD went belly up. Nordic Games took over and had it polished a bit more.

So far we are only aware of a single review in German language. GamingXP are quite enthusiastic about Faith in Destiny.

SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny doesn't surprise in particular, it's simply like it is: brilliant!

The article explains that it's more of the same. 12-15 hours of it, and in the same quality.

Thanks coaster and Capt. Huggy Face!

Friday - May 25, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - Screenshots @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 01:51

New screens for the oft-delayed Spellforce: Faith in Destiny (currently due June 19) are available at Worthplaying.

Friday - April 20, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - Delayed to Avoid Diablo

by Dhruin, 00:50

Nordic Games sent in a press release announcing a delay to Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny to avoid a certain diabolical game. Spellforce 2: FiD will now release on June 19th:

SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny postponed to 19th June 2012

Release postponed due to diabolic reasons

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (19th April 2012) - Nordic Games GmbH hereby announces that the release of the second stand-alone add-on of the SpellForce 2 series – Faith in Destiny – will be postponed to 19th of June 2012.

“As many already know, hell breaks loose on 15th of May 2012 and may possibly cause a global decrease in productivity, “sick leaves”, and consumption of vacation days. We think that this is a very unfavourable time for the release of SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and have therefore decided to postpone it. Due to lowered resistance values, even we here at Nordic Games are not immune to said phenomenon and expect anomalies with regards to working hours of our colleagues and employees”, said Philipp Brock, Marketing & PR at Nordic Games.

“Unfortunately, our internal schedule for SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny did not allow for a postponement to an earlier date; therefore, after some productive feedback sessions with our partners, we have decided to release on 19th of June, 2012”, added Gennaro “Genna” Giani Localization and Production Manager at Nordic Games.

Wednesday - March 14, 2012

SpellForce 2: FiD - May Release

by Dhruin, 22:58

I'd written this off altogether given the previous "indefinite delay" announcement but Nordic Games today announced a May release for Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny.

SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny will be launched in May 2012

The second stand-alone add-on "Faith in Destiny" will arrive in May 2012

EMPYRIA, EO (14th March 2012) - Nordic Games GmbH hereby announces the launch of the second stand-alone add-on for SpellForce 2 - "Faith in Destiny" - in May 2012.

“The development of SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny being developed under the guidance of DreamCatcher, the Canadian subsidiary of JoWooD, could neither fulfil our high quality standards in some departments nor the expectations of the community. Therefore, we decided to recruit an experienced development team, which would comprehensively revamp several segments of the game in order to ensure a wonderful SpellForce gaming experience", said Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Manager at Nordic Games. "Optimisation activities will be carried out in the fields of balancing, general presentation, graphics, general game flow, and in the multiplayer mode" added Pollice.

Additional information about SpellForce: Faith in Destiny would be published in the coming weeks.

Friday - March 25, 2011

SpellForce 2: FiD - Indefinite Delay

by Dhruin, 21:09

Well, you won't be suprised by JoWood's indefinite delay for Spellforce: Faith in Destiny (in fact, it's been delayed so many times it had already reached that status) but you might be surprised by the press release claim. They claim the delay is for additional polishing and it will be done "when it's done":

Vienna, Austria: March 25th 2011; JoWooD Entertainment announces the indefinite delay of SpellForce 2 - Faith in Destiny.

SpellForce 2 – Faith in Destiny has not been canceled, but further improvements & polishing are necessary. JoWooD Entertainment argues the rumors: "The official AddOn of SpellForce 2 – Faith in Destiny will be completed in due time", explains Reinhard Pollice, Producer JoWooD Entertainment. "Our highest priority is the quality of the game. The development is already in an advanced stage, but the game experience will be further enhanced in some sectors - like multiplayer stability. Due to this improvements the release of the game cannot yet be determined, we’ll go with 'when it’s done'."

Wednesday - November 10, 2010

SpellForce 2: FiD - Getting Close...

by Dhruin, 22:15

Anyone remember Spellforce: Faith in Destiny?  According to a post on the official site, it's finally getting close after many, many delays:

...until the eagerly awaited Standalone Add-on "SpellForce2 – Faith in Destiny" will be released! Still fresh from our graphics department, we proudly present the official Packshot, check it out!

The Packshot is a deliberate re-collection of the very roots of the series and depicting the dualism of the world of Eo. Good and evil are once again fighting fiercely for domination of all of Eo. Faith in Destiny immerses the player directly into the epic conflict, which is not only ravaging the battlefields but also waged within the torn hero himself...

Source: Blues News

Monday - July 19, 2010

SpellForce 2: FiD - Dated, Screens @ VE3D

by Dhruin, 22:45

According to VoodooExtreme, JoWood has finally updated the release date for Spellforce: Faith in Destiny to August 27th.  They also have a collection of screens.

Monday - March 08, 2010

Spellforce 2: FiD - Screens @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 20:07

Six new screens from Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny at Worthplaying.

Monday - February 15, 2010

Spellforce 2: FiD - Facts & Screens PR

by Dhruin, 19:51

JoWood has whipped up a press release and a couple of screens for Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny, the stand-alone expansion due in Q2.  The PR contains a summary of the story and features.

Tuesday - June 16, 2009

Spellforce 2 - Faith in Destiny - Screens @ Worthplaying

by Magerette, 19:10

Worthplaying posts some screens for JoWood's recently announced expansion in the Spellforce series, Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny. You can view them here and they're also available at Gamespot which has a slightly larger gallery with some concept art as well. No box art or home page available as yet, though, but the Spellforce 2 forums have some discussion on the game here.

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