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Wednesday - August 14, 2013
Saturday - August 10, 2013
Box Art

Wednesday - August 14, 2013

StellarBrink - Game Updates

by Couchpotato, 00:19

StellarBrink has a few updates for those that might be interested.

Mercenary Dark - Where StellarBrink Came From

Learn where the concept for StellarBrink was born by playing Mercenary Dark for free, an unfinished XNA game for PC. Mercenary Dark Download Page 

Today StellarBrink had its first LiveStream

If you missed StellarBrink's first LiveStream with creator Daniel Kole, you can watch the recording here:

Updated StellarBrink's Tech Demo 

Update Features:

- Fixed bugs with Respawning

- Short Tutorial on Gameplay

- Placeable Defensive Turrets

- Updated Enemy Waves 

Also along with this Tech Demo Update, the StellarBrink Kickstarter will be gaining two new reward tiers.

Saturday - August 10, 2013

StellarBrink - Open-World Space RPG

by Couchpotato, 01:03

StellarBrink is a new kickstater that looks like FTL with better graphics and features. It's being developed by one man called Daniel Kole. He even has a tech Demo for you to try.

Think... Open-World, Isometric, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi, Crafting, Mining, Building, and Battling in space with custom Starship Interiors.

What is StellarBrink?

StellarBrink is a single player/multiplayer video game set in a futuristic universe full of warring factions and exotic locations. You are a mercenary trying to make ends meet however you can. The center of your world is your starship, and its interior is where you build your home. Each location in StellarBrink is made up of 3D tiles that can be removed and replaced, allowing players to customize each of the locations they visit. With strong role-playing elements and story-driven missions, StellarBrink is an open-world, single player/multiplayer video game like you've never seen before.

Please Note: StellarBrink is no longer a MMORPG:

After listening to a lot of great feedback from the community over the past few weeks, I have decided to make StellarBrink as a Single Player/Multiplayer game. I will do my best to update all content to reflect this changeas soon as possible.

Play The Tech Demo

Want to try out the game? Visit: to play the StellarBrink Tech Demo in your browser using the Unity3D Web-Player Plugin.. or you can find PC and MAC downloads here:

The Tech Demo is a way for me to show off the engine behind StellarBrink as I add new features to the game, so that you, as backers, can see progress.

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SP/MP: Single + MP
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Genre: Strategy-RPG
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