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Wednesday - April 30, 2008
Saturday - April 19, 2008
Monday - March 03, 2008
Wednesday - February 27, 2008
Saturday - February 23, 2008
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Wednesday - April 30, 2008

Stranger - Review @ IGN

by Magerette, 16:19

IGN weighs in with a less than glowing review of the rpg/rts hybrid from Fireglow, Stranger, giving it an overall score of 4.4/10: 

Stranger is still playable, however, and it's got some nice extras like its crafting system and the ability to merge mercenaries with other allies to create more powerful versions, like spider-riders. It's just going to require a lot of patience on your part to engage in a kind of tidal advance and retreat maneuver in an attempt to draw as few enemies as possible at a time and power up skills until you're able to wipe the map. It's a truly tedious process.

Then there's the fantastical story, which fails to inspire anything more than boredom. And that's too bad, as with a compelling tale filled with vibrant, identifiable characters it's possible to stomach poor gameplay in order to continue the tale. Stranger's plot and cast of characters are so removed from reality, so unfamiliar, cardboard-thin, and devoid of humanity that it's difficult to do anything with the whole narrative construct than simply hold it at a distance and arch an eyebrow.

Saturday - April 19, 2008

Stranger - Wrap Report @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 16:43

RPGVault has posted their wrap report conversation with the developers of Stranger, the recently released RPG/RTS title from Fireglow and CDV. The devs take a look at how the game turned out and talk about the multiplayer aspect:

The key feature of the game, which makes Stranger different from other RPGs, is its unique magic system. It's based on using magic crystals and indirect control of the spells to be cast. Players will need help to finish; the main characters can't just go it alone, and so you need to hire additional mercenaries at times. This is also a point of difference from the many single-player RPGs that can be played from the beginning to the end with a single main character only...

...There was a moment during development when the team members felt a particular boost in their interest. That was when we created the first multiplayer missions and started testing them intensively. Everyone was involved in this - designers and artists, programmers and project leads. People tested missions not only during scheduled times, but also stayed to play after working hours... and even after company parties...many new tactics and counter-tactics for particular missions were invented during those hours. Thank to them, multiplayer missions in Stranger proved to be well balanced.

Source: Bluesnews

Monday - March 03, 2008

Stranger - Screens & NA Release Announcement @ GamersHell

by Magerette, 18:11

GamersHell has a short release announcement and 8 new screenshots for Stranger, the RTS/RPG hybrid from Fireglow Games and cdv:

Releasing these screenshots, cdv Software Entertainment USA today announced that Stranger, the RPG/RTS game developed by Fireglow Games is now available across North America. Stranger features three main heroes and many units to choose from, over 100 different monsters, unique and flexible magic system, great variety of items and gear, more than 30 hours of single-player campaign, multiplayer with up to 8 players, and more. 

Wednesday - February 27, 2008

Stranger - Preview @ Gaming Excellence

by Magerette, 16:15

GamingExcellence  has a preview up for Fireglow's action RPG/RTS hybrid, Stranger, and gives it a thorough look:

Stranger is a real-time tactical strategy and RPG hybrid. Unlike most typical RTS games though, this one doesn't really focus on the battlefield as much as it does a small handful of units. In each map you are presented with a few main characters, and as you progress through the map you'll hire mercenaries to do the rest of the dirty work. It offers up a similar hack-and-slash style of play, and introduces a few interesting features along the way...

...Stranger has a lot of potential, whether or not it is fully reached depends a lot on the development team and supporting the game post release. With an interesting magic and crafting system, and a decent story, North American fans may find that Stranger satisfies their craving for a solid hack-and-slash experience. If FireGlow can have a few of the technical issues ironed out, the game will be in much better shape and would better help welcome fans of the genre into the fold

Source: Bluesnews

Saturday - February 23, 2008

Stranger - Preview @ GameZone

by Magerette, 19:45

GameZone has posted a preview of Fireglow's RTS/RPG hybrid, Stranger, scheduled for March release in N.A. Here's a short snip:

Just when you thought that all real-time strategy games were built upon the same control schemes, along comes Stranger. Stranger is a quirky blend of RTS and RPG, developed by Fireglow and to be published by CDV in early March. The game is an isometric title that does have an intriguing storyline, though in the preview build received, the way the narrative is told is a bit lacking.

The game’s strengths are self-evident. The AI is very smart and can take care of itself in terms of combat should you have a lapse in attention, but this is a game that commands your attention. It is a blend of sorcery and melee combat, with crafting elements. Overlay strategic elements and you have a game that may not be the prettiest on the market, but has the potential to set some new trends in the RTS-RPG hybrid genre.

Source: Bluesnews

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