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Sunday - May 05, 2024
Box Art

Sunday - May 05, 2024

Tales of Old: Dominus - Announced

by Hiddenx, 06:14

The indie RPG Tales of Old: Dominus has been announced:

Tales of Old: Dominus

Outcome: NPCs may flee, surrender, throw his weapon & his belongings due to exhaustion, fear or special damage. Depending on the stamina, HP, and type of enemy you can do a special finisher to kill him, these finishers can be during combat or during stealth.

Cloak & Dagger - Advanced stealth system
With several factors such as light, noise, speed, equipped items and the perception level of the enemy. You can learn pickpocketing and lockpicking to become a true thief.

Building & Crafting
You can craft many different items like clothes, weapons, furniture, arrows, bolts, etc) or create building parts like walls, roofs, doors, etc. You will be able to create simple beds or small houses, even military watchtowers, etc
Design, build and upgrade your home and locations under your command, from a thatched bed under the trees in the forest to a walled fortress on a hill.

Territory Control
Command your troops in battles against enemy camps or rival cities, but bear in mind that loyalty comes at a cost – you must pay and maintain the allegiance of your soldiers

Control over points of interest can be acquired through lawful or forceful means, such as conquering bandit camps or purchasing logging camp rights to expand as a prominent merchant.

Once in control, locations generate profits based on their nature, be it from mercenary activities or criminal enterprises like a bandit camp under your command.

However, vigilance is crucial, you must be careful and know that your locations can be attacked by enemies and you could lose control of these places, therefore you must defend them, even personally if any are under attack.

Social Survival
Initially, a humble militiaman with a particular background, but after accumulating experience, learning and honing your skills, you can become a leader who can run a thriving Settlement.
Depending on your position in medieval society, you could be part of a Guild, work to improve your life and even buy businesses. There will be different ways to advance, through honor, deceit or hard work.

Character Background
You need a place to rest and a way to obtain food. You can be a hermit, live in the woods or be a wealthy noble. Have people under you influence, businesses and fortune, these may be legal or not... Your background and profession will give you different options, like living alone in the woods, inside a cave, build your home in a meadow, pay for a stone house in the city, live in a Tavern, sleep in abandoned places or in horse stables, etc.

Hunger and thirst will play an important factor and depending on the game mode chosen they will get deadly.
The climate is also a factor to keep in mind, it is not the same to be under the rain or the cold for hours than under the rays of the summer sun, this would affect your character.
There are several ways to get food, one must be aware that one does not live in the desert, but on the edge of a medieval society, so starving would not be normal. You will be able to hunt for food, steal it, buy it and produce it in other ways.

The introduction of Prima Nocta rights by the kingdom's lower nobility sparked the catalyst for a brutal civil war that unraveled in the Battle of the Brides, In this conflict, the destitute rallied alongside just nobles and free men, only to suffer defeat, leaving the kingdom in ruins. Few men survived to return to their homes, you are one of them.

You find your village ransacked by vengeful marauding soldiers; This also happened in other settlements, where the ringleaders wreak havoc among the defenseless villagers, intensifying the turmoil of resentment and betrayal in the kingdom.

Faced with multiple choices, the pursuit of revenge and the quest to uncover the perpetrators emerge as the driving force behind the impending war.

Information about

Tales of Old: Dominus

Developer: Hvmana Industries MMD

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Historical
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· To be announced
· Publisher: Hvmana Industries MMD