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Wednesday - August 01, 2018
Wednesday - July 25, 2018
Tuesday - July 03, 2018
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Wednesday - August 01, 2018

This Is the Police 2 - Released

by Silver, 01:51

This Is the Police 2 has been released on Steam.


About This Game

Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2, sequel to the acclaimed noir drama This Is the Police! Run the sheriff's department, manage your cops, investigate, interrogate, and incarcerate. Make tough decisions - and try to keep out of prison yourself! - in this story-driven mixture of adventure, strategy, and turn-based tactical combat.

Is it a simulation? A management game? A tactical challenge? A visual novel? A puzzle? It's all of these, and more!

Dive into one-of-a-kind -story driven experience.
Welcome to Sharpwood, a cold and harsh border town riven with violence, where no one is completely innocent. Smugglers, gangs, and screaming populists call this town their home. To maintain peace and order, the young sheriff Lilly Reed (Sarah Hamilton, The Longest Journey) will have to team up with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd (Jon St. John, Duke Nukem), and pray that her dangerous plan doesn't spiral out of control.

Take charge of the Sheriff's department.
Your subordinates aren't just some resource; they are living people with their own strengths, weaknesses, fears and prejudices - and you'll have to reckon with all of them in order to survive. Is one of your guys drinking too much alcohol? Or always coming up with excuses for not coming to work? Or does he refuse to follow orders? You'll have to show a steady hand if you want to impose discipline on this department.

Engage in tactical combat.
During your most dangerous operations, the game will switch to turn-based combat. Gather a team of your finest cops (or use your drunk and stupid bums - you don't always have the luxury of being choosy!). Carefully study the terrain, adapt your plans, stealthily approach your suspects and use non-lethal weapons and equipment - if the situation allows. True, sometimes gunfights are almost impossible to avoid, but be careful: This Is the Police 2 doesn't have hit points. A single bullet can cost a cop their life.

Become a true detective.
Collect evidence, study case materials, interrogate suspects (or use more... forceful methods) and send the criminals to court. And if the suspect was innocent? Perhaps it's time to find out if any Sharpwood judges can be bought.

Wednesday - July 25, 2018

This Is the Police 2 - Welcome to Sharpwood Trailer

by Silver, 12:18

A new trailer for This Is the Police 2 called Welcome to Sharpwood.


Sharpwood is a cold place, a desolate place. Corruption spreads, violence escalates. Local cults gain more power, as do criminal gangs. And the Police? Well, everybody has to make a living, right? So "To serve and protect" - but whom? And who can you trust, if some criminals also wear a badge? Welcome to Sharpwood.

This Is the Police 2 is coming to PC, Mac and Linux as digital version on August 2nd 2018!

Tuesday - July 03, 2018

This Is the Police 2 - Releasing August 2nd

by Silver, 00:20

PC Gamer reports that This Is the Police 2 will release August 2nd. The game features turn-based combat in the XCOM mold which is new for the series.


THQ Nordic announced today that corrupt cop simulator This Is the Police 2 will be released for PC on August 2. In a slightly unusual move, it did not put out a new trailer to "celebrate" the news, but if you haven't seen the gameplay video from April, I'm here to help you get caught up. 

This Is the Police is a management-adventure about a corruptible cop in a dirty world that showed promise but didn't quite live up to it. For This Is the Police 2, developer Weappy kept the lead character but moved the action to a very different sort of locale and added an XCOM-style layer of turn-based tactical combat.  


Information about

This Is the Police 2

Developer: Weappy Studio

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: Non-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2018-08-01
· Publisher: THQ Nordic