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Tuesday - December 25, 2018
Monday - January 16, 2017
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Tuesday - December 25, 2018

Two Worlds III - Still in Production

by Silver, 20:32

@Wccftech Two Worlds III is apparently still in production but very far away.

As it turns out, you might want to get very comfortable if you’ve been waiting to hear any concrete details. According to the company representative who replied, Two Worlds III is still in the pre-production phase and won’t release for another four to five years, in all likelihood.

In fact, the development team is now focused on completing the last single-player DLC for Two Worlds II, titled Shattered Embrace. No information has been provided on this expansion so far, though the official website has it listed as ‘coming soon’.


Thanks Farflame!

Monday - January 16, 2017

Two Worlds III - Interview @ Loutrage

by Hiddenx, 22:07

Loutrage has interviewed Dirk P. Hassinger, a member of the Relity Pump team, about the next DLCs of Two Worlds II, Two Worlds III, Sacrilegium and Raven's Cry:

Interview Dirk P. Hassinger – Reality Pump

Hi ! It’s been a while since we heard something about the Two Worlds Franchise ! Why did you come back with three add-ons instead of directly release Two Worlds III ?
During the concept development of Two Worlds III, the most team members have no tasks. It makes best sense to  employ them with DLCs for Two Worlds II while another part of the team creates the concept for Two Worlds III. This also gives us the possibility to try out some ideas and features we have for the next full game and we can train some new people on the job.

Call of The Tenebrae seems to had a pretty long development and suffered from many reports, is the add-on more ambitious than it was planned ?
Yes. It was planned as a 3 month development, but it came out that it will bigger as planned and we needed to solve some technical issues. After 10 months we still do not have a save release date yet. On the other hand we have no obligation against a publisher to push it out.

It may be too soon to ask but, what will be the length of the add-on ?
This is – like always with an RPG – difficult to answer. Depending on the players way to play it, it should take between 6 and 20 hours to explore it. Maybe a bit more.


In March 2016, we learned that Two Worlds III was in pre-conception, is the project going well or is the priority on the adding for Two Worlds II ?
Pre-conception means work on story, features, sketches – this is going well, but needs time. As said, people working on a game concept are mostly not the same as the people working on DLCs. So the priority is eqal for both.


Can we expect new updates for Vendetta: Curse of the Raven’s Cry, and if possible, do you think about releasing the game on consoles ?
yes. After we bought back all rights, we are now able to do something. After we finished Call Of The Tenebrae we will keep an eye on it.

Is Sacrilegium still in project ?
Actually, Sacrilegium is on ice. But it is a great concept and maybe one day… we will continue it.


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