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Box Art

Friday - September 06, 2019

Vigilantes - V1.06 Released

by Myrthos, 20:06

A new update with new content for Vigilantes has been released, bringing it to version 1.06.

Hi everybody,
Vigilantes Version 1.06 is now available for your crime-fighting pleasure. The  focus of this update is content, with 5 new perks, 2 weapons, 3 utility  items, 3 crafting recipes, and 7 newspaper articles. A bug causing  issues with the difficulty of gang raids and a number of text errors  have also been fixed.

This appears to be the final update for the game.

It's  been almost a year since Vigilantes released, and almost 5 years  (yikes!) since development began. This sixth, post release update is  likely to be the last. So if you've been holding out on playing until  the game is *really* finished, this is it!

  Thanks for all your  support over the years - Vigilantes is a huge project in relation to the  size of the development team, and it just wouldn't have been possible  to bring it this far without your help

The developer is working on a new game at the moment.

I've  been working on a new game between updates for Vigilantes. It's still very much early stages in a several year project, but I can reveal the  following:

  - The next game will be... are you sitting down? ... a  turn based RPG. The setting is post apocalyptic with a dash of  cyberpunk. It avoids the more common set-ups for the apocalypse.

  -  There will be increased emphasis on design depth, story, gameplay  variety and player choice. Combat will not be the only solution, but  will still be important and more refined. Crafting will also be  substantially enhanced.

  - Each act will have a very different  setting and feel, and there will be unique game mechanics for each act.  Also, the quests you undertake in each act won't just be a series of  steps to the finale. The majority of actions you take will affect how  the finale plays out, and its difficulty.

  It's exciting (and  frightening) to be embarking on a new game after such a long time, and  though it will be a few months before regular progress updates begin, I  hope you'll stay tuned and play a part in the next game's development.

Tuesday - May 07, 2019

Vigilantes - V 1.05 Released

by Myrthos, 10:10

Version 1.05 of Vigilantes has been released and brings the following additions and changes:

Vigilantes version 1.05 is now available for your gaming pleasure. The update adds a variety of new content, including perks, utility items, weapons, diary entries, newspaper articles and encounter epilogues, along with a couple of enhancements. I hope you enjoy the latest update, and should you encounter any issues with the new build, please let me know!


+ New Utility Item: Alcohol - Injuries don't reduce stats, but -3 initiative 

+ New Utility Item: Sharpening Stone - 

+15% bleeding and +4% critical chance on bladed weapons 

+ New Utility Item: Weight - +15% concussion chance and +6% damage on blunt weapons 

+ New Utility Item: Spinning Bow Tie - Reduces the chance of enemy interrupts and AOO by 10% 

+ New Weapons: Tactical Katana +, Preston Mule + 

+ New Perk: Perky - gain 2 perk points 

+ New Perk: Skull Cracker - Increases damage from close combat targeted head attacks by 25% 

+ New Perk: Linebacker - Increases interrupt/AOO chance by 15%   

+ New Perk: Fan Out - The entire team can move 2 additional tiles in the reposition phase 

+ New Perk: Ops Specialist - Reduces the time required for ally operations by 40% 

+ New Crafting Recipes: Sharpening Stone, Weight, Tactical Katana +, Preston Mule + 

+ Added an epilogue for the Elias Rooke & Nadia Belmont encounters 

+ Added 5 new diary entries 

+ Added 4 newspaper articles  


+ Stat points for undiscovered allies are no longer automatically allocated 

+ Added extra information on commonly used TLAs (three letter acronyms) and overwatch 

+ Modified the overwatch threshold buttons to make the active button more obvious 

+ Changed the diary font for improved legibility

[Bugs & Text Errors] 

+ Fixed bug whereby if gang boss is eliminated, the highest ranking lieutenant will not display on the gang intel screen. (inanimate carbon rod & liessahl)

Thursday - February 14, 2019

RPGWatch Feature - Vigilantes Review

by Myrthos, 11:19

Here is Forgottenlor's take on Vigilantes, which he found to be competent, but limited in scope.

The new X-COM (2012) showed that there was a market for turn based tactical games, and since then a number of indie developers either inspired by the remake of such classics as the original X-COM and Jagged Alliance have tried their hand at tactical games with varying degrees of success. Vigilantes is one of the latest of those attempts. To its credit Vigilantes tries something a little different, as its cast of protagonists aren't soldiers, but a small group of private citizens who have declared war on the gangs which have control of their city. Vigilantes avoids the apocalyptic mood that runs through a lot of tactics game, preferring a pulp fiction approach with a set cast of characters. Vigilantes was made by a small dedicated indie team, who managed to put out an extremely competent game, but one limited in scope.

Sunday - December 02, 2018

Vigilantes - V1.03 Released

by Myrthos, 18:16

Version 1.03 of Vigilantes has been released, offering the following:

The 1.03 update focuses on adding new content: perks, equipment, crafting options, diary entries and newspaper articles, along with providing a number of quality of life and balance improvements.

In addition to balancing 16 existing perks, five new ones have been added, bringing the total number of perks to 68. These perks provide new options for melee and ranged fighters, and strengthen Utility and Leadership builds. With "Support Smoke", utility characters can throw a supporting smoke grenade at no AP cost every second round. "Know no Fear" is a leadership perk, which removes the effect of fear and reduces the effects of terror.

Six new pieces of equipment have been added: the bar mace, the upgraded Bellum 9 SMG, sharpened machete, smoke grenade MKII, heavy armour plate, and specialised tools.

Among the quality of life additions in this update is the heavily requested ability to choose which weapon each character starts combat with. Since it was in the same area, I also added the ability to set default attack lethality.

Check the link for a full list of changes.

Saturday - November 17, 2018

Vigilantes - V1.02 Released

by Myrthos, 14:49

Patch version 1.02 for Vigilantes has been released.

Vigilantes V1.02 is now available. It's a small, but important update, which fixes the vast majority of known issues. Most notably, the bug which could cause the game to become responsive when using the last trauma kit or explosive in an equipped stack is now fixed, as is the issue with displaying crafting options on 4K screens.

Though focusing on improving stability, the update also represents a small, first step toward providing better in-game information, improving usability, and adding content: Save games made from now on will be organised by real world date, there are notifications to better inform players about armour/weapon upgrades and an encounter in which you must escort a journalist being pursued by a mafia hit-squad has also been restored.

The list of fixes can be found here.

Sunday - October 21, 2018

Vigilantes - v1.01 Released

by Silver, 22:45

A new version of Vigilantes has been released. The latest update outlines how Vigilantes is likely to change in the future.

Vigilantes V1.01 Out Now!

Hi everyone,

Vigilantes version 1.01 is now available. This update focuses exclusively on fixing bugs and the bugs which have been addressed are listed at the bottom. The crunch period for the release of Vigilantes began 10 weeks ago, and it's been relentless, 70 hour weeks since then. With the update out, (and assuming the discovery of no new severe bugs) I'm going to take a break from development to recuperate.

So what happens next?

The intention is to continue working on Vigilantes for a period of time.

How is Vigilantes likely to change in the future?

With a finite amount of time left to work on the game, the addition of new, large scale features is unlikely, primarily because adding features is time consuming, will reduce the stability of the game and simply will not provide the greatest benefit to the game in relation to the amount of time that is available.

A significant amount of feedback mentions quality of life/interface improvements and providing better information on game systems as areas that need attention - these areas will be addressed.

Game balance will also get attention, and I believe adding content, such as new perks, equipment, diary entries and encounters will add value for new players, and freshen up the game for veterans considering “one more game”. If you would like to offer any feedback for future work on Vigilantes, you're most welcome to leave a comment, drop by the forums, or Steam!

Have a good weekend,



Thursday - October 18, 2018

Vigilantes - Review @ Indian Noob

by Myrthos, 17:01

Indian Noob reviewed Vigilantes and think it is a love letter to turn-based strategy games with some well implemented RPG elements.

Vigilantes can be summarised as the perfect amalgamation of Jagged Alliance, the classic XCOM and Fallout 1/2 with bits of Cyberknights thrown in the mix. The end result- a deep, tactical and engaging combat-heavy game with a lot of oldschool RPG elements. But rather than going from map to map combatting foes, you have to build up your base, manage party members, send them on reconnaissance missions, manage the inventory, craft items, conduct surveillance all around the city and finally, launch sweet street justice on criminal scum. Vigilantes have a lot going for it from the get-go. It goes without saying that you have a lot of menus and tabs to browse through. But the clunky and bloated UI leaves a lot to be desired.

You can also select up to three party members to tag along with you during combat encounters. Sadly, the interactions between Sam and his mates are practically non-existent outside of the combat. Considering that they’re full-fledged personalities, it’s sad to see that potential being wasted away. But I do love the fact that they’re fully customizable with attributes, stats and perks. Everything you do outside of the combat takes place in real time and time is valuable. Rather than going for a typical level-scaling method, the enemies in Vigilantes are constantly gathering resources and improving themselves while you’re off doing the same. This can lead to some interesting and sometimes frustrating results.

Wednesday - October 03, 2018

Vigilantes - Released

by Hiddenx, 19:00

The tactical RPG Vigilantes is now available:

The Wait Is Over! Vigilantes Is Now Available!

Hi everyone. We decided to go ahead and release Vigilantes a little early. After all, we've been working on it, and you've been waiting for it, for almost 4 years :) The last year in early access has been a great experience, and we're very grateful for all your support, feedback, and help improving the game's stability. Your help has hugely sped up development, allowing us to make a much bigger, better game than we initially imagined. Thank you so much - getting Vigilantes here wouldn't have been possible without you.


Wednesday - September 26, 2018

Vigilantes - Release Date October 4

by Myrthos, 15:51

We were just informed that the release date for Vigilantes is set for next week Ooctober 4th.

They aren't Heroes. They're Vigilantes.
DIY law enforcement has never been this much fun!

This city's going to hell. Vicious mobsters. Violent, fever-eyed cultists. Cop-killing survivalists. Don't know if I can stop them, but I have to try.

Vigilantes is a turn-based tactical RPG, but not as you know it. Forget wizards, aliens, and zombies. Become Sam Contino, a conscientious citizen dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism. Hit the rainy, lawless streets of Reiker with a crew of hardened crime-fighters at your back. Assist citizens in distress, and use your skills to get the drop on enemies before the first shot is fired. Take down psychotic mob assassins and molotov wielding cultists in fully-featured squad and action point based combat. Interrogate your way up each gang's chain of command. Confront their leaders. Burn their rackets to the ground.

Each enemy has a name. Choose to subdue criminals, or use lethal force and add that name to the city obituaries, but beware: your choices have consequences and indiscriminate killing will lead Sam and the city down a darker path. If the fight isn't going in their favour, criminals may attempt to flee. If they escape, they will become more powerful and you'll have to deal with a bigger problem down the line. Outside of battle, spend time treating injuries, crafting weapons and armour, or upgrading your base of operations. Forge the ultimate crime-fighting team with the UPLIFT character system. Allocate your team's primary attributes, determine their innate skills, and choose from over 60 perks. Vigilantes will release on Steam on the 4th October, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This trouble isn't going to take care of itself. Deal yourself in. Hit the streets. Take back your city.


Here is the Steam link.

Sunday - September 23, 2018

Vigilantes - Release Trailer

by Silver, 14:44

Vigilantes is locked in for an October 4th release.

Updated Trailer & Release on Schedule!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update this time around. The trailer has been updated, and what is likely the release version of Vigilantes will be uploaded in the next few days. The official release date, 4th October, remains the same. Thanks for your support and encouragement (and indeed patience) over the last two years. Hope you enjoy the trailer!


Would like to give a mention to Darkside Detective Season 2, which is currently on Kickstarter. The first game has great reviews on Steam, and will greatly appeal to fans of the classic point and click adventures of the 90s. It's over here, if you'd like to check it out.

Have a good weekend,


Sunday - September 02, 2018

Vigilantes - Version 29 Released

by Myrthos, 22:01

Vesion 29 of Vigilantes is now available and as usual there is also a video.


Vigilantes V29 is now available and represents the largest content and balance update so far. With the exception of the game ending, and a few small adjustments to be made in the next update, Vigilantes is effectively complete. Release is still on schedule for the first half of October 2018.


Version 29 adds a huge amount of new content, with over 20 new items, 10 new encounters, news paper and diary entries, Steam achievements, and more!

  • 11 rare or unique weapons, including a machine gun! 
  • 9 new utility items, including laser sights, night vision goggles, and a strange figurine!
  • 3 boss encounters
  • 6 lieutenant encounters.
  • You can challenge some lieutenants to a duel!
  • Newspaper articles and diary entries
  • New crafting options
  • 2 new perks
  • Steam achievements
  • Improved city map
Balance in V29 has been considerably improved. Weapons are now more distinct from one another, and mission loot is considerably better in quality.
  • Improved balance between ranged and melee weapons
  • Each weapon class is now more distinct
  • Better loot from missions, and faster shop level up speed
  • Facilities are now less expensive, and provide greater bonuses
  • Balanced perks and crafting requirements
A considerable number of quality of life improvements have been made, including the addition of a help section, better perk information, usability enhancements, and improved information on gang activity.
  • Added a help section
  • Improved perk information, and allowed them to be filtered by type
  • Added information on ally relationship modifiers
  • Provided better information on gang upgrades and rackets
  • All weapons in inventory can be unloaded with a single click
  • Improved firearm SFX

Please note, this summary only lists the key changes, for a more complete list, please check out the update thread here!

Monday - July 16, 2018

Vigilantes - Version 28 Released

by Myrthos, 10:53

Version 28 of Vigilantes adds more content and balance, and also brings the game closer to it estimated release of October 2018.

Like the past few updates, version 28 focuses on adding content, improving balance, but also on completing work which is required for final release. The expectation is that there will be two more updates, and that release will occur in the first 2 weeks of October 2018.

We hope you enjoy the latest update and as always, your comments, questions and observations are welcome. Have a good weekend!


  • You can choose the deploy close to enemies or further away
  • Patrols on city tiles now link to combat on the correct map type
  • Additional tile types added to city map
  • Crafting system and crafting UI improved
  • Several 1000 additional words of dialogue (3 non combat, 5 post combat encounter)
  • Final two maps added
  • 7 perks added
  • 2 new utility items
  • Balance and quality of life improvements.


Thursday - June 07, 2018

Vigilantes - Version 27 Released

by Silver, 12:26

Version 27 of Vigilantes has been released.


Vigilantes V27 adds a new ally, Caia Winters, 6 new weapons, 5 perks a new map, and much more! Vigilantes can be found here on Steam:

Friday - May 04, 2018

Vigilantes - Version 26 Released

by Silver, 08:54

Vigilantes is now up to version 26.

Hi everyone,

Vigilantes version 26 has just gone live. Now that the focus has shifted away from developing new features, we've been able to release what is likely the single largest content and balance update so far. The headline addition is a new ally, Edgar Kowalski, a hard-hitting fire fighter who may or may not be a firebug. Is he? Hear him out, and decide for yourself!


Below you will find a summary of the new content and balance improvements released with version 26. If you would like more detail on the update, you will find a development video further down.

We really appreciate your support and patience as we work to make Vigilantes the best game that it can be. If you have any questions, observations, or would like to talk about any aspect of Vigilantes, please do leave a comment!

New Content

  • 5 new perks: Volatile, Better Criticals, UPLIFT!, Berserker Charge, Pack Mule
  • 2 new melee weapons: Combat Machete & Nailed Baseball Bat
  • 2 new firearms: Abramovich Pump & General Arms Red Hawk
  • 2 new maps, based in the rural outskirts of Reiker City
  • 3 new dialogue encounters
  • Trading cards on Steam


  • The melee perks Solar Plexis Strike, Concussive Blow and Deep Cut are now free to all characters
  • Firearms do slightly more damage
  • Criminal Rackets now provide greater bonuses to their owners
  • Church of the Final Exodus are tougher and get a bonus to melee weapon quality
  • Survivalists get a penalty to melee weapon quality
  • Added movement AP
  • Added equipment weight and negative status effects for overloading
  • Well Oiled perk is now Tinkerer, and the reduction to item deterioration extends to armour
  • Athletic Perk now adds 2 movement AP, rather than 1 standard AP

Development Video


Tuesday - March 20, 2018

Vigilantes - Version 25 Update

by Myrthos, 11:30

A new development video for version 25 of Vigilantes has been made available.


Here's the most recent development video, which gives a quick update on V25 and covers the overall progress of Vigilantes. To summarise, release is expected in Q3 2018, and after V25, the focus will shift from features to content and balance.

There are many reasons for this, but in short, I feel that the overall quality of the game will suffer if the emphasis remains on adding new features, primarily because it will not allow sufficient time to be committed to content, balancing, and enhancing existing features.

Friday - February 16, 2018

Vigilantes - 3 Question Survey

by Silver, 10:46

Vigilantes is running a survey to see who is interested in playing.

Can you help us with a 3 question survey?

Hi everyone,

We're trying to get a snapshot of people who are playing, or are interested in playing Vigilantes, and were wondering if you could spare a moment for a super brief survey, which has 3 multiple choice questions. The survey will take about 30 seconds to complete, and will not capture any personal data, such as email, name, etc.

Here's the survey, in case you would like to participate:

Thank you for reading,


Thursday - November 30, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 22 Interim Update

by Myrthos, 09:43

A new video has been made available showing some of the things that the next version, number 22, of Vigilantes will bring.


Work is progressing well on the new update. So far, a second subway map has been added, along with Arcadi, a new ally. Arcadi is a former army officer, and will serve as the combat leader if Sam doesn't want the job. Arcadi is geared towards leadership and ranged combat, and his unique perk (Stand Fast) allows him to prevent an ally from being incapacitated once per battle.

Leadership mechanics have also been enhanced. Now, both player and criminal squads can have leaders, and losing a leader in battle imposes the "Ronin" negative status effect on the entire team. Additionally, 4 new perks have been added, 3 of which are specific to the leadership stat, including All Out Offensive, which increases party damage by 40% for one turn at a substantial AP cost to the leader, and Tactical Delay, which allows characters to delay their turns at no AP cost.

Wednesday - November 08, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 21 Released

by Silver, 20:44

The latest version of Vigilantes has been released which comes with some new features.



  • Gang lieutenants can set up ambushes for the player
  • Fuel barrels and gas canisters as objects can be activated to set an area on fire or explode
  • Characters with 2 or more adjacent enemies gain the surrounded status effect. Being surrounded causes them to pay less attention to active threats, and are easier to score hits against
  • Night missions now impose a 5% penalty to ranged CTH and cover is more effective at night... could be a good time to hit the survivalists
  • When fighting indoors, assault and precision rifles suffer a 5% CTH penalty due to being used in an enclosed space


Monday - October 23, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 21 Interim Update

by Myrthos, 12:13

A new update for the upcoming version 21 of Vigilantes has been made available.

Now that the dust is settling on this month's release on Steam Early Access, we're getting stuck in to version 21. It's about 50% complete at present, and should be available in ~ 2 weeks.

In summary, we've added a new subway map, improved tactical re-positioning, reduced the intel requirements for finding gang leaders and rackets (which was one of the least balanced aspects of the game). Options have also been added for removing film grain, windowed support and adjusting camera speed, and a number of bugs have been fixed.


Sunday - October 22, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 21 Progress Report

by Silver, 08:27

Work is proceeding on Vigilantes first post early access update.

Hi everyone,

Now that the dust is settling on this month's release on Steam Early Access, we're getting stuck in to version 21. It's about 50% complete at present, and should be available in ~ 2 weeks.


In summary, we've added a new subway map, improved tactical re-positioning, reduced the intel requirements for finding gang leaders and rackets (which was one of the least balanced aspects of the game). Options have also been added for removing film grain, windowed support and adjusting camera speed, and a number of bugs have been fixed.

If you have any questions, comments or observations, please do post them!

All the best,


Saturday - October 07, 2017

Vigilantes - Early Access Version released

by Hiddenx, 12:47

The Early Access version of Vigilantes is now available on Steam:


Inspired by the classic turn based strategies of the 90s, Vigilantes is a deep and compelling neo noir, turn based tactical RPG with an old school heart. Assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism after intervening in a violent mugging. Vigilantes will be coming to Steam Early access soon, so please consider adding us to your wishlist, if you'd like to stay tuned to additions and improvements!


Tuesday - September 26, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 20 and Steam

by Myrthos, 09:53

Version 20 of vigilantes is available now and for the first time on Steam.

Vigilantes version 20 is now available, on Humble and, for the first time, Steam. You can find your Steam key in the humble package (which is a url that was sent to you via private message on Kickstarter). Vigilantes won't be generally available until 5 October, but the keys sent to you will allow you to play it immediate. Hope you enjoy. If you encounter any issues retrieving your keys, please do get in touch.

Summary of improvements:

  • Added voiced, illustrated introduction
  • Greatly improved combat dialogue variety
  • Re-introduced a number of musical tracks
  • Improved appearance of cityscape Improved appearance of gang intel screen
  • Improved diversity of enemy equipment
  • Shop now regenerates inventory every 24 hours
  • Added 2 new maps (Mafia jazz club & villa)
  • Added 6 new ranged weapons: Nobuki Ashigaru, Nobuki Ronin, Nobuki Samurai, Sawed off Orthrus, General Arms Peacemaker, Eurocorp Nemesis.
  • Added 2 new ranged weapons: Baton & machete
  • Completed basic Steam integration
  • Greatly improved overall game stability and particularly the stability of the overwatch system
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Improved and expanded tutorial content


Saturday - September 16, 2017

Vigilantes - Early Access Announcement

by Silver, 14:21

Vigilantes is going to Steam Early Access as announced by the latest update and will be available October 5th.

Update 30: New Trailer and Steam Early Access Announcement

Hello everyone,

Although the title very much gives it away, we've got two big announcements. The first is that Vigilantes is coming to Steam Early Access on 5th October 2017! It's the first step of the final phase of Vigilantes' development, and we'd like to thank you for the support which has made this possible. If you'd like to find out more, you can stop by the EA section of our Steam page.

We will look into the possibility of providing access to the Steam version to you, before it goes live, and will keep you posted on this.

Vigilantes has come a long way in the 10 months since Kickstarter, in features, content and visual quality, so we decided it was time for a trailer refresh. We've licensed a hard hitting synthwave track from Vector Sector (which will also be added to the game) for the update.

Making a trailer is fairly time consuming, between capturing, cutting, arranging and timing clips, but it's nice work, because it creates a great feeling of 3 years' hard work coming together. So, without further ado...


We hope you enjoyed the trailer, and if you have any questions or observations, please leave a comment - always happy to have a chat.

Enjoy the weekend!

Daithi (on behalf of Timeslip Softworks)

Friday - August 18, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 19

by Myrthos, 18:44

Version 19 of Vigilantes brings us amongst others: better pacing, interrogations and armor mechanics.

Hope you're having a nice weekend. Vigilantes version 19 has just gone live. This update is somewhat different from previous releases: rather than committing a considerable chunk of time to building new features, we've emphasised tweaking existing features, balancing and bugs fixes. If you'd like to get a detailed run down of the changes, you'll can find out more in the below development video.



Saturday - July 22, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 18

by Hiddenx, 11:14

Version 18 of the tactical RPG Vigilantes has been released - here's the Kickstarter update:

Update 28: Version 18 Released!


Hope you're having a nice weekend! Version 18 of Vigilantes is now available for download. Version 18 represents one big, final push to deliver a number of features we felt would substantially benefit Vigilantes.

The emphasis has been on features which enhance the game's tactical depth. Now you can set ambushes with overwatch, delay your turn to outmaneuver opponents, and punish enemies attempting to disengage with attacks of opportunity. Furthermore, characters can now sustain injuries, which reduce stats, and can be healed by time, by Doc, or D.I.Y. healthcare.

An ally relationship system has been added, which provides stat bonuses to allies who approve of your actions, along with a reputation system, which, depending on how much chaos you cause, will determine how some NPCs react to you, and the ultimate outcome of your crusade against crime in Reiker City. Finally, we've added hand drawn portraits for most of Vigilantes' characters, 2 new maps, and fixed a number of bugs.

It's been a busy, intense 3 weeks and 6 days. If you'd like to get more detail on the additions and improvements, you can find out more in the below development video:


Version 18 is the final version in which features will be the key focus. That's not to say we absolutely won't add any more features, but rather, that in order to deliver the best experience possible, we need to shift the focus to balancing, tweaking existing features, adding content (weapons, perks, characters and maps), improving the level of polish and fixing bugs.

As always, if you'd like to chat about any aspect of Vigilantes, I'd be happy to.

All the best,



Thursday - July 13, 2017

Vigilantes - Upcoming Changes

by Myrthos, 12:19

A video has been made available that shows the upcoming changes in the next version of Vigilantes, like these combat changes:

  • Less, relatively more powerful enemies in combat. Currently there can be up to 20 characters in combat. The result is long turns, with many enemies getting to act between your characters' turns.
  • Less stat points. The current system of one stat point every level was created with quickly building test characters in mind. With less enemies, the player team must be balanced in relation to the opposing force. The ability to build stat increasing facilities will recoup some of these "lost" stat points.
  • Ally skill points. You will now get some skill points to allocate for your allies, providing better control over their development.
  • Less perk points, but more powerful perks. Underpowered perks is an other issue brought up by testers. We feel less perk points which unlock more powerful perks would be beneficial.


Sunday - June 25, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 17

by Myrthos, 17:31

Version 17 of Vigilantes is available now. Two new features that are added in this version are rackets and gang strategy AI.

Rackets are bonus providing enemy facilities, which are located in city districts. There are currently eight racket types. Three of these are main bases, of which each gang starts with one, and the remaining five rackets can be purchased and built by the gangs throughout the city. Each racket provides different local (adjacent tile) and global bonuses, and income.

The Gang Strategic AI directs the gang's actions on the strategic, city map level. We wanted to avoid giving each gang a set of rigid orders, (such as acquire upgrade x on day Y) which they would follow regardless of what the player is doing. Instead, we invested some time to build a system which would allow the gang to use their financial resources to react strategically to the player, choosing which upgrades and rackets best suit their current needs.


Wednesday - May 24, 2017

Vigilantes - Player Facilities

by Myrthos, 18:56

In a new update for Vigilantes, the player facilities are explained in a video.


Tuesday - May 09, 2017

Vigilantes - Interrogations

by Myrthos, 08:48

With the release of V16 of vigilantes, interrogations as a means to gain intel on gangs, has been introduced. next to that gang leaders have been added and a gang intel screen, 2 new maps in an industrial setting, hand drawn portraits for the player team, and a number of visual improvements.


Thursday - April 06, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 15 released

by Hiddenx, 21:12

Here's the development update for Vigilantes version 15:

Vigilantes Dev Video 34:Version 15 Released


The video covers the first non combat encounter, new perks, and UI enhancements. Version 15 is now available for download!

Monday - March 27, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 15 Dev Video

by Silver, 13:28

Vigilantes latest update explores the improvements added to the game with version 15.

Hi again!

We're making good progress on version 15. Feature wise, the biggest additions are 2 new mission types (escort & prevent enemy fleeing), along with player fleeing and enemy spawning during missions, both of which were required for the new mission types.

We'd like to say a big thanks to Helena for sponsoring an encounter in Vigilantes, which has just been added and will be available in version 15. We hope you enjoy it! Other content additions include 1 more encounter, and two new maps. If you'd like to learn more about additions and improvements, you can find out more in the development video below.


The expectation is that version 15 will be available in around 10 days, so stay tuned, and please let us know what you think of the new additions.

All the best,


Sunday - February 19, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 14 Sneak Peak

by Silver, 06:48

The latest Vigilantes kickstarter update has a bit to say about version 14 and what to expect.


Version 14 is shaping up nicely, with 4 new maps in a residential setting, and a significant enhancement of close combat mechanics. Instead of just one standard attack for unarmed, blunt and bladed weapons, there are now multiple attack types. These include lighter attacks with a higher chance to hit, heavier attacks with a lower chance to hit, attacks with higher critical chance, and attacks which cause negative effects on their target. If you'd like more information on these changes, you can find out more on the development video below:

We will also be adding base building to Vigilantes sometime over the next few updates. The workshop is one of five facilities which you can build and upgrade to unlock enhanced crafting options, character buffs, and free items. Olga has just completed the illustrations for the workshop, and we wanted to share the level 4 illustration with you.


Version 14 is coming along well and will be available for download in around 2 weeks. Thanks for reading, please let us know what you think!

Tuesday - January 10, 2017

Vigilantes - Version 12 Dev Video

by Silver, 20:37

Vigilantes is now on version 12. The changes are highlighted and discussed in the developer video.

Update 16: Vigilantes Version 12 Released!


Vigilantes version 12 is now available for download from Humble. Version 12 adds new maps, perks, weapon crafting, and you can now target specific body parts to inflict additional damage, or status effects.

If you'd like a more comprehensive rundown of the changes, you can find the full release notes here or check out the short development video below.


Thanks to Chabbrik, Nighteyes and Nomad for all the help with testing the builds on our forums, it's helping to speed up development quite a lot. Work has begun on version 13, so stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for reading and/or watching. Comments most welcome!

Talk soon,


Saturday - December 10, 2016

Vigilantes - Dev Video

by Silver, 05:48

A new update for Vigilantes brings with it a development video highlighting some new perks and their effects on gameplay for the upcoming version 11.

Hi all. Hope you are keeping well! Daithi here.

Vigilantes version 11 will soon be available. A little more testing, then we just need to create and upload the builds. Here's a quick look at the content additions coming in version 11.


Thursday - November 10, 2016

Vigilantes - Timeslip Forum Up

by Silver, 00:27

Timeslip Softworks have put up a forum for feedback and discussion on their game Vigilantes which is currently in development after a successful kickstarter.

Before I go, I'd like to mention that a forum ( has been set up as a hub for discussion and feedback for Vigilantes. If you'd like to meet other Vigilantes backers and players in a friendly environment, or discuss films or books or games, you are most welcome to stop by for a chat!

All the best,

Sunday - November 06, 2016

Vigilantes - Meet Doc!

by Silver, 21:50

Vigilantes is in the last hours of its kickstarter and has reached its second stretch goal for extra perks.  Timeslipsoftworks has also introduced Doc as a character in the most recent update.


You've already encountered Doc in the first mission of the Vigilantes demo, but it's time to get better acquainted! Vigilantes is in its last 2 days


Thank you for helping us reach our second stretch goal! Vigilantes will now have a minimum of 50 perks, plus any additional perks from the perk reward tier.

We've just revealed the next stretch goal, which will allow us to add 10 extra combat areas, and 1 or 2 new environment types to Vigilantes, thereby substantially increasing the visual diversity of the game. If we can reach this stretch goal, Vigilantes will ship with a minimum of 55 combat areas, which represents more than a 50% increase on the original 35.

Thursday - October 20, 2016

Vigilantes - Funded and into stretchgoals

by Silver, 21:57

Vigilantes has been funded and is now headed toward stretch goals with 17 days still to go

Stretch Goals

Extra Maps & Environments 1

+10 additional maps for combat encounters

+1-2 additional environment types

Extra Perks 1

+10 additional character perks

Wednesday - October 19, 2016

Vigilantes - Greenlit!

by Silver, 09:52

Vigilantes has been greenlit on Steam and has made $3,566 out of a 5K goal with still 18 days to go. The latest update details additional weapons added to Vigilantes.

Hello again,

We've got some good news: Vigilantes has just been accepted on Steam Greenlight! Thanks very much for your help in making this happen! This will allow us to focus a little more on development - our intention is to launch the most substantial update to Vigilantes to date, shortly after the Kickstarter ends.

You can expect another update in the near future to showcase the voiced character video for Cuda, but for now, we have added 5 new weapons to Sam's arsenal:

Eurocorp Orthrus - Double Barrel Shotgun
Eurocorp Artemis - Precision Rifle
Eurocorp Hades - Pistol
Raskol 148 - Assault Rifle
Hestion Knife - Bladed Weapon

Tuesday - October 11, 2016

Vigilantes - New Character

by Myrthos, 22:37

In an update for Vigilantes an arms dealer NPC has been revealed.

Ever wonder how Sam gets his weapons and equipment? We'd like to introduce Cuda, a wild card arms dealer and international fugitive with a dubious history. Of all the individuals Sam will encounter, both friend and foe, Cuda is the most shadowy and among the most dangerous. Here's the character illustration for Cuda, created by Olga.

Meet Cuda! 

We are currently auditioning for a voice actor for this role, and look forward to sharing the voiced character introduction with you in the near future!

The game is also close to begin Greenlit, according to a somewhat older update. And it can still use some funds to reach its 5 Keuro goal.

Friday - September 30, 2016

Vigilantes - Kickstarter Live

by Silver, 06:19

Vigilantes is a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG being developed by Timeslip Softworks. The kickstarter has a modest goal of 5K and has 37 days to achieve it at time of writing. Vigilantes is also trying to get on greenlight.


Inspired by the classic turn based RPGs of the 90s, like X-Com and Fallout, yet striking out in its own unique direction, Vigilantes is a crime themed, turn based tactical RPG with an old school heart, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Players assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist dragged down the rabbit hole of vigilantism as he works to bring down the three gangs that dominate Reiker City: the mafia, survivalists, and Church of the Final Exodus.

Vigilantes has all the features you would expect from a turn based RPG, yet we feel it stands out from its peers in a number of areas:

  • Avoids typical RPG settings, striking out in its own direction with gritty, neo noir.
  • Melee combat is choreographed and fluid to an extent rarely seen in turn based games.
  • Avoids the trend of simplifying character systems and gameplay. It's very much old school, with the best of modern design advances.
  • Emphasis on atmosphere: memorable allies, deadly opponents, a declining city, all brought to life through quality writing, artwork and voice acting.
  • Use surveillance to locate gang facilities and leadership. Randomly attacking footsoldiers won't get you anywhere.

Friday - September 16, 2016

Vigilantes - Demo available

by Hiddenx, 20:28

PC, Mac and Linux demo versions for the crimed themed tactical RPG Vigilantes are now available. Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns are starting in the near future.



Vigilantes is a crime themed turn based tactical RPG, and the second game by Timeslip Softworks.

The city’s going to hell. On the streets and behind closed doors, the Mafia infiltrates and corrupts the civic power structure. Gun crazy paramilitary survivalists wreak havoc, while packs of flat out crazy Churchers roam, stealing anything that isn’t bolted down, and burning anything that is. Enter Sam Contino.


  • Lead a team of Vigilantes in tense, turn based tactical combat against 3 distinct criminal gangs.
  • Engage criminals with choreographed, bone shattering hand to hand attacks, a variety of firearms, and explosives.
  • Run surveillance operations to locate the criminal threat. (Not yet implemented)
  • Develop your character with the in-depth UPLIFT system, improving 9 skills through use, and choosing from a wide variety of perks.
  • Locate and team up with other vigilantes operating in Reiker City.
  • Purchase equipment, ranging from sniper rifles to machetes, assault rifles to smoke grenades.
  • Craft special items, such as high damage, hotloaded ammo, and advanced medical items.

Information about


Developer: Timeslip Softworks

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2018-10-03
· Publisher: Timeslip Softworks