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Winterfall combines the instant action of a third-person open-world RPG with the resource management and strategy layer of a town builder. Choosing between three tribes of different cultures, you set out on an adventure across expansive, untamed environments, rebuilding your Sanctuary and uncovering its forgotten history. If you fall, what will your legacy be to those left behind?

Create a range of unique characters in a deep character creation suite, each with their own skills, personality, and ambitions, dramatically changing the experience from one trek into the wilderness to the next. Every action you take will leave a lasting mark on these ancient and awe-inspiring lands. A fully functioning ecosystem, each region with its own distinct atmosphere, makes the world teem with life, adding a layer of unpredictability to every journey.

After a character’s time has passed, you can continue to expand your House’s legacy through the deeds of another. Your House becomes a reflection of your actions as you attempt to create an environment in which your lineage can thrive in the face of the deadly frosts of the looming Winterfall.

One minute you are battling in tense, real-time, strategic combat, and the next you are managing your people  in Sanctuary mode. Take a top-down view of your Sanctuary and build, upgrade, decorate, and defend it from incoming enemy sieges.

Through battle, relationships, and adventure, forge your own legacy and test it against the Winterfall.


  • Experience a vast world with different ecosystems affecting gameplay
  • Inspired by the lands of Corsica and spoken it its language
  • Choose from three different cultures, each with their own starting place, history to uncover and culture to rebuild
  • A deep character creation system where each character has their own equipment, backstory, personality, and ambitions
  • Explore the wilds in the open-world Wilderness mode, gathering artefacts and supplies
  • Manage, upgrade and defend your Sanctuary, forging bonds between your characters
  • No gratuitous violence as a gameplay trope. Killing has consequences and ramifications in a character’s life
  • Play as multiple characters in the same grand adventure


This was once Anor, the Old Kingdom. A place that we left, to new homes far away; a place of ancient longing, a place of forgotten beauty, of sorrowful remains of what once was.

But beyond the ruins of lost ancient cities, and far over endless plains; beneath the roots of the world or high up the course of streams and deep into wilderlands, we are called... to reclaim what we once left behind.

For in our past, there was betrayal, there was war and there was exile. To distant sanctuaries our ancestors departed. They sought to preserve culture, honour and legacy and yet, there they were followed: corrupted by the cursed gold of an unseen enemy, the kinglets of the Old Kingdom laid siege to our distant havens, which fell one by one at the onset of the great frosts.

Now we remain, called back into the wild, nurtured by its awe and abundance. Seeking, amongst its lost ruins, Remembrance to restore what once was. Our blood-enemies, betrayers of our forebears, still linger. Haunted and oath-breaking in their greed, blind with an evil hunger, they await, bidden to finish what they began and cut off all branches of our family trees.

And yet, our homes, our bonds, our sanctuaries, we will rebuild against frost, against dismay and against death, for those are the things the Winterfall brings. In war, in love, through history, we will overcome and thrive into the next age... or fade by the world-ending snows.

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Developer: Clan Latria

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Clan Latria