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1C Company - Announcing 3 Games at PAX

by Silver, 2018-03-12 20:58:21

Gamewatcher reports that 1C is set to announce three new games at PAX. 1C has previously developed the Kings Bounty series.

Here is how 1C Publishing are describing their three games, which will be playable on day one of the show:

  • a unique, hand-drawn strategy RPG game
  • a magic-based arena fighting game
  • a Nordic-themed action RPG

The strategy RPG sounds most likely to be a King's Bounty game as that fits the genre, and the "hand-drawn" aspect sounds like an interesting way to bring the series up-to-date. The last game in the series, King's Bounty: Dark Side, came out four years ago in 2014 - and, it should be pointed out, was announced in April that year.


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