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Alaloth - The Dragons of Bane and Flame

by Hiddenx, 2021-01-21 18:46:16

Henriquejr spotted lore update #6 for Alaloth:

Lore Update #6 - The Dragons of Bane and Flame

By Poison or By Fire

Dragons are competitive creatures. It is because of this that the four dragons remaining on the continent each claimed a kingdom for themselves. Having branched out and settled in their own kingdoms, the dragons are able to hold dominion over all the lives in a territory untouched by the other dragons. They use their environments almost to exhaustion, corrupting the land against its inhabitants.

Last week we spoke of the Dragons of Black and Gold. They were introduced as the dragons of the realm of humans and the realm of dwarves. The remaining two dragons that we’ll discuss today sought other prey...


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