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Alaloth - Development Update

by Hiddenx, 2022-09-17 14:32:25

Henriquejr spotted a new development update for Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms:

A new massive patch on its way!

Hello Champions!
Time for a new update, fall is coming and we can't wait to show you what we are working on! The good news is that we've been incredibly fast during the summer, so the stronghold update has been released before leaving for GamesCom and we had the chance to gain some extra time for the next features scheduled. Mouse & keyboard is the next big thing. We already explained why we had to release with partial support only, so we are not talking about this once again. We are testing right now and even if we were expecting a bit of regression and UI-related issues, everything seems to be fine now. We hope to be able to release the new patch next week, just let us check the last changes we did. We are running an extra week of testing on our internal branch.

No worries, mouse cursor will be bigger
September is even the month of the first world update. As we already said, we are going to add 4 new areas with new NPC and new quests and we are at work to dress each area the coolest way right now. We had a lot of meetings to discuss how to set things properly and we are thinking to split the upload of the new locations as soon as we'll have ready what we need, instead of sending out a massive patch. We'll probably be back on this in the next days because once again, we ended up in something bigger than expected [with the same time budgeted, kudos to the team]. We are going to update the roadmap soon, because we've already finished these areas, other new locations [arena anyone?] and we've just started working on new FA as well. Not talking about dragons, completely new FA with more puzzle elements, traps and so on, introducing new mobs and features that we thought would have been a great addition to the gameplay [more details in the next updates].

To summarize: no secret that we had a great GamesCom and we were there to catch-up with new potential partners to help with the future of the game and the brand. After the issues we had in the past, we decided to set-up meetings with trusted people only, big guns and people we really feel could help to make Alaloth great. We have now data and info validating what we've always thought and what we've always said when pitching the game: we have something unique here and there is nothing else like this on the market, which is something that everyone knows, apparently [at least who knows about games, you know...]. No rushes on our side and again, we are not going to promise things that we can't deliver but we have a ton of options to consider now and many cool ideas to work on. Full coop campaign, multiplayer, online features, battlegrounds, sieges, new companions, new modes, DLCs... everything is constantly under discussion and be sure that we'll give 110% as usual to move on and be able to improve the game as much as possible.


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