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Alaloth - Estilress the Mad

by Hiddenx, 2021-04-01 15:37:28

Estilress the Mad is another campanion in Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms:

Companions Update #2 - Estilress the Mad

A well of hidden wisdom and knowledge

In our first Companions update we introduced the brave champion of the light, Lileah the Last Light of Vaizmil, who aims to bring Alaloth to his knees for the betterment of all the mortal races. Your next potential companion hails from the Republic of Larastir, a kingdom of many champions, some looking for redemption, some looking for justice, and some, like Estilress, looking to put the world back in order.

Estilress the Mad

Born closer to the surface, an unusual thing in dwarven society, Estilress was always considered to be a very peculiar dwarf due to his love for the outdoors and his incorporation of other cultures’ fighting styles into his own. Estilress has spent his life traveling across the continent from a young age, never content to stay in one place for too long. From his journeys he’s gathered many tales to share with his people back home. The dwarves call him “Estilress the Mad” because of all the extreme and exotic adventures he’s gone on, but still love listening to his stories each time he returns.

Estilress was topside when the worst Tempest hit. He lost consciousness during the disaster and when he opened his eyes afterwards, he could see that everything as he knew it was going to change. The new reality was one where the world he loved would slowly but surely deteriorate. He knew that now, the places he’d visit would be plagued by monsters, nature would begin to rot, and ancient ruins that had stood for centuries would crumble into dust.

Now, Estilress spends his days trying to save whatever he can, but the destruction he sees everywhere weighs him down with bitterness and depression. He dreams of the world he knew, and wishes to see it once more. Estilress is looking for a champion that will protect all lives as well as the history of The Split Kingdoms. Someone who will help him restore the world to the one he knew before.

Thanks Henriquejr!

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