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Alaloth - Gameplay Video

by Myrthos, 2020-08-30 16:18:17

At Gamescom a new gameplay video was shown for Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms.

Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms New Gameplay Showcased at gamescom 2020!

Nintendo and PS4 have been added to the launch platforms for Alaloth in 2021

Krakow, Poland - August 28, 2020. All in! Games is thrilled to announce that Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms took part in the gamescom Daily Show hosted by IGN. In addition, Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms will now be available on all platforms—including Nintendo Switch and PS4—and will aim for a simultaneous release. Due to these plans as well as the global pandemic, the release window for the game has been shifted to 2021.

Watch the newest trailer and discover the world of Alaloth! The trailer focuses on exploration, shows new enemies the equipment window, and showcases a few of the houses in the game.

About Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms

Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms is a high-fantasy RPG set in a dark world inspired by the darkest period of The Middle Ages. It's a story about fierce warriors, war, and epic encounters. Alaloth brings ARPG dynamics to a new level with skill-based gameplay, unique real-time combat system, and a twist on familiar mechanics and old school titles.

And the challenge doesn't end after the first playthrough—new game modes are activated after finishing the game for the first time, giving players even more options for exploring the kingdoms and customizing their characters. 


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