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Alaloth - Massive Update

by Redglyph, 2021-09-30 17:16:56

Gamera Interactive have posted a long dev update on what they have been working on. Thanks @henriquejr!

Latest Massive Alaloth Update

We have something special for you. We felt that this was a good moment to give you a general overview of the Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms development situation.

After the release of our last gameplay trailer, a little over a year ago now, we started to post regular updates on Steam, focused on the game’s lore and development. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve shared across our channels throughout our development journey, it's been great to see your support along the way.

We’ve had a few delays and hurdles to overcome due to Covid-19 and some other last minute, unpredictable events, but we feel that we’re heading in the right direction now. Although we haven’t been able to get back to Gamera HQ since March 2020, our team has grown to 18 people (!) and we’re hoping to adapt to a hybrid work model soon that will allow our team to develop a closer bond. 2021 has felt like a fresh start and we feel like we’re approaching another great milestone.



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