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Alaloth - The Wandering Characters of Plamen

by Silver, 2021-02-05 09:08:04

Lore Update #7 for Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms focuses on the wanderers of Plamen.

In the world of Plamen there are many who wander. There are those who’ve lost it all—their homes, loved ones, and purpose and then there those who by choice or curse are forced to be distant from the rest of the mortal world, until their goal is finally achieved. These latter beings are mortals of great power, either of the body, the mind, or of magic, waiting for someone to come and gain their favor by succeeding where they could not. Though found in the lands of The Four Kingdoms, they are not bound to them, nor do their kingdoms care for them or wish to aid them in their quests. The wanders’ only goal is their own, and whether that’s good or bad for the kingdoms they dwell in remains to be seen.

The Red Mage

The Red Mage is an unknown and mysterious sorcerer who dwells in Edherest by a lake overlooking a derelict magical tower, a Beacon Tower. He is known as a healer to some, a heretic to others, and evil incarnate to those that fear him. Rumors about his heritage and appearance circulate the streets of the kingdom but each story contradicts the last. What is certain to those that know him well enough, is that he does not bear ill-will against Edherest, on the contrary, he wishes to save it from the ever present corruption that has been seeped in from Alaloth and from unchecked magic. He wants to restore the Beacon Towers, colleges, and human society to the days of peace. The Red Mage is waiting for a champion to arrive at the doorstep to his tower and take on a task that will benefit them both, only after completing it will he know if the champion is ready to face Alaloth.

Kellis of the Zephyrs

Once just a powerful mage among the Elven high class, Kellis of the Zephyrs is just a mythical prisoner now, locked in the woods he once loved. He is a depressed and doomed soul who tried to embark on the Retreat, to venture the sea to the next life, but instead found himself trapped within the forest, unable to leave and unable to die. He has attempted to escape countless times but has always failed. Despite all this, Kellis is compassionate and never judges a creature or mortal on their nature, even if they do things he does not approve of. He watches the forest in defeat, and assists those who become lost. He seeks a champion to bring to him what he cannot get himself, to prove their mettle in the face of danger.


Forgeback is a legendary figure in dwarven history, the great dragon slayer of Karak-Hohn, known for his brutality in combat and the mastery of his craft. He is and always was a great smith, who could forge any weapon to kill a dragon. His hatred for dragons made him violent and unpleasant, with outbursts of anger over his loss that all of Karak-Hohn could hear him from miles away. Forgeback is only interested in seeing the dragon race extinct, not in their stolen gold or the glory of the hunt. He holds a personal vendetta and nothing but the death of all dragons will satisfy that need. In his old age he’s become unable to hunt the dragons himself, so he seeks a champion to aid him in his quest. In return they will gain the honor of wielding his work.


A sinister mystery, guardian of the oasis, exile, blasphemer, saint... These are but some of the words used to describe Nohrged-Kin, the shadowy figure lurking by the waters of the Thirst. He goads pilgrims and the lost to drink from it and watches as the consequences unfold. Nohrged-Kin is seen as vicious and cruel, but he cares not for the suffering of mortals, nor does he wish them ill. He merely wishes to test them in their hour of need.
If there is something he truly detests, it’s the gods that the mortals of The Four Kingdoms worship, especially Maraika and the Mother of Betrayers, who hold favor in Baga. His obsession is directed towards rare idols of gods, which he desecrates for his entertainment. He will surely test the champion in his own way, and determine if they are truly the hero that has a chance set the world to rights. 


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