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Alaloth - Ways of Power: The Way of Nature

by Hiddenx, 2021-03-12 17:10:35

Henriquejr spotted lore update #9 for Alaloth:

Lore Update #9 - Ways of Power: The Way of Nature

Let nature guide your hands


You’ll need power and skills to survive in the world of Alaloth. To possess them however, you will first have to choose a Way of Power and a Profession. Today we’ll take a deeper look into the Way of Nature, one of the three Ways of Power you’ll be able to choose from.

In the beginning there was only the All-Father’s chaos and Jaiha’s earth. The only power to be harnessed was the raw energy of nature. It was the elves of old that learned that if one nourished their connection to the nature around them, they would reap great rewards. A champion who chooses the Way of Nature will gain elemental magical skills that can be used at a long range against their enemies. This way draws on the power of the nature gods to help a champion manipulate the flora and fauna that surrounds them.


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