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Black Geyser - Early Access Available

by Redglyph, 2021-08-26 17:17:11

GrapeOcean Technologies and V Publishing have released the Early Access of Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Events, on GoG and Steam.

Black Geyser Officially Launches Into Early Access

Are you ready to be corrupted by Greed? Black Geyser Is Available NOW on Steam & GoG!

Ho there, adventurers!

We're incredibly proud to say that Black Geyser has officially launched into Early Access! Our successfully backed Kickstarter project has been in development since 2015, with the size and scope of the game increasing since that time.

Early Access is an opportunity to not only get the game in your hands, but to also get your feedback on as many areas as possible so that we can iterate and improve, and make Black Geyser the best CRPG it can be. We hope you'll join us on this journey.

As a small team, we're ensuring that we not only collect your feedback and prioritise what we think matters, but also reveal in the coming days our roadmap ahead. Be sure to join our Discord and let us know what you think.


Get your copy of Black Geyser on Steam and GoG for $24.99. We have an exclusive launch week discount of 10%.

An Early Access celebration stream is currently broadcasting on Steam ("4pm EST" according to the link, which seems to be a double typo).

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