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Blood Knights - Alysa Trailer

by Myrthos, 2012-09-16 23:27:36

DTP sent a press release for Blood Knights in which they present the vampiress Alysa.

Blood Knights is bringing back ''Miss Sexy''  

Hamburg, 14th September 2012 - In the latest trailer to Blood Knights, Deck13 and dtp entertainment will be presenting the sexy vampiress, Alysa, in her full lethal allure! To quell any fears about her ability to survive the hordes of enemies she will confront in this hack'n'slash, Deck13 is now releasing more information on the research that went into designing the character of Alysa.

Contrary to certain rumours, the price for the download title of only 15$ (15 Euro)  is not the reason why we had to cut back on Alysa's clothing?

The panel of experts on the protection of lady vampires at Deck13 were now ready to issue a statement: "We did of course study the specimen very closely" said Timm Schwank, Head of Art at Deck13 Interactive, "and we came to the inevitable conclusion that... err... agility... is by far the most important thing for a ranged fighter like Alysa. Anyway, the prospects are bleaker for her if she, like Jeremy, falls into the hands of the numerous adversaries. Instead, she will move smoothly and gracefully, unencumbered by unnecessary clothing." All the male members of the panel were in unanimous agreement.

Barrels of fun these guys. To further show Alysa can survive fights with little to no armor, here is a video.


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