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Blood Knights - Preview @ GameInformer

by Myrthos, 2012-09-04 12:47:24

GameInformer brings us a preview of Blood Knights the vampire slashing game.

During Blood Knights’ eight chapters, your two characters traverse dungeons and solve environmental puzzles along the way. In our demo, platforming puzzles requiring cooperation were pervasive. The good news for those playing alone is that the dungeons adjust accordingly to eliminate the co-op puzzles, even if somebody drops out.  Dungeons also have plenty of loot to uncover, and no matter who opens the chest, the equipment itself goes directly into the inventory of the character it was designed for. Also, equipping different gear and weapons alters the look of your character. If you pick up a shiny sword, expect the shine to glisten off your character’s blade.

Each of Blood Knights’ eight chapters ends with a unique boss fight. Boss battles are not about blindly attacking. For instance, until we knocked out the first boss’ healing devices, we didn’t stand a chance. We’re told the adventure should take about six to seven hours to complete, including its fully animated cutscenes and voiced dialogue. Choices you make along the way shape the tone of the ending.

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