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Capes - Cade Morgan Interview

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-19 15:58:51

Gameranx interviewed Creative Director Cade Morgan about Capes:

Capes Interview – Combat, Inspirations, Post-Launch Plans & More

We had the chance to speak with Creative Director Cade Morgan.

Are you ready to step into some new shoes and potentially a cape? Prepare those spandex costumes as a new hero-focused turn-based strategy game is flying our way with Capes. This title comes from a newly established Australian studio named Spitfire Interactive. Players will find themselves in a dystopian city that was a stronghold by supervillains using their iron fists and powers to keep their citizens in check. Still, their once prominent control is headed toward its downfall. So prepare to assemble your team and fight for this city’s freedom. 

Capes is set to hit the market this month, so you’ll soon be able to immerse yourself fully into this world filled with heroes and villains. We had the privilege to speak with Cade Morgan, Spitfire Interactive’s Creative Director. During our interview, Cade shared some exciting details about their upcoming debut title. 

Gameranx: For someone who is just finding out about Capes, how would you describe the game?

Cade: Capes is a turn-based superhero tactics game set in a world where the supervillains have already won, and possessing superpowers has since been outlawed. The player recruits a team of young superheroes who have to learn to work together to fight back against this injustice and right the wrongs of the past. Capes is the debut title from newly formed Australian developer Spitfire Interactive.

Gameranx: Could you elaborate on the story?

Cade: The game offers action-packed turn-based combat, team management between missions, and a unique superhero storyline. As the player assembles their team of heroes they fight back to reclaim their city, which the villains now control. Play across the dark and gritty campaign and patrol assignments, push the story forward, and reveal the truth behind the horrific Enhancement program of The Company that is pulling the strings behind the scenes.


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