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Children of War: Blood and Snow - Update# 1-2

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-08 05:41:40

Shadowforge has two new updates for their A-RPG Children of War: Blood and Snow that share news of their first $1,000 reached, and mention a new bonus.

Hey backers!  I'm going to avoid flooding the news stream and subsequently your inboxes with updates that don't have any content but we're excited to have broken the $1000 barrier with only 22 of you backing us so far!  Thank you so much and congratulations to all you very very early birds.  Spread the word and send your friends.  Don't forget about the "Bring Your Buddy" bonuses if anyone you refer mentions you in a message to us!  We'll tie your accounts together so that any time you're playing on any character in the same party, you'll have a modest xp bonus!  Thanks guys and let's keep pushing to the next benchmark!

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