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Children of War - Interview @ N4G

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-15 05:43:10

The N4G Blog had the chance to interview Ryan Lamb of Shadowforge to talk about his kickstarter game Children of War: Blood and Snow. Don't forget to read our own interview from earlier this week for more information.

Cat: Who is Shadowforge LLC, and what is your game design philosophy?

RL: Shadowforge is made up of a core three man development team;  Ryan Lamb as programmer/modeler, Devon Burnett as writer/game designer and Josh Lamb CEO, who also contributes game design, story and concept art.  Additional team members include artists Daniel Tyka, Markus Lovadina and Joel Serrano and our amazing composer Austin Lawrence.  

Our philosophies about game design originates from our lifelong love of games and and the criticisms we have made about those games.  Every  time I play a game, ideas and thoughts of ways to improve the system or some of the content come to mind.  These experiences have developed into ideas that become part of the foundation for our game design philosophy.  Story and immersion are at the heart of our designs.  We view games as a form of media that are meant to be experienced as much as played.  We think that an RPG should focus on character development and draw upon intellect and ideology while eliciting real human emotion.

Cat: What is Blood and Snow?

RL: Speaking technically, Blood and Snow is an Action RPG set in an open world, viewed through an isometric camera.  This game has a deep level of customization that allows you to more fully immerse yourself into your character.  There is a large open world with random events and side quests. Most notable is a strong central story line presented in the form of a main quest line.  There are mysteries with lore strewn across the world waiting to be found.  We love the feeling of discovering something new and feeling like it's possible that you're the first or only one to ever discover it.  To enhance the experience there are relics, landmarks and characters with stories that fall outside of any quest line, waiting for the player to find and enjoy.

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