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Children of War - Q&A Part One @ N4G

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-30 01:20:12

The N4G Blog has posted the first part of new Q&A with Ryan Lamb of Shadowforge to talk about his kickstarter game Children of War: Blood and Snow.

Why do you make games?

Ryan Lamb: Games to us are the highest form of entertainment.  There's so much potential in games to create amazing art, music, story and to share ideas and thoughts in a way that the player feels like they are discovering something for themselves instead of being spoon fed.  It's a very powerful medium and we want to tell our stories. 

Why should people play Blood and Snow?

Ryan Lamb: People should play Blood and Snow because it tells an epic story and allows players to create their own stories and legends along with what we have written out.  The combat is unique, the level of customization is amazing and the crafting is being taken to a place that hasn't been seen in games before.

What element of game design do you hold above all others?

Ryan Lamb: The most important element of game design from our perspective at Shadowforge is immersion.  To us that's more than just good sound and visuals (although those things are very important) it's also about making the player feel like they aren't just watching something but experiencing something.  Especially in this game, we want players to put themselves in the shoes of the avatars they create and contemplate humanity as they play.

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