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Children of War - Q&A Part Two @ N4G

by Couchpotato, 2014-06-01 09:29:25

The N4G Blog has posted the second part of their new Q&A with Ryan Lamb of Shadowforge to talk about his kickstarter game Children of War: Blood and Snow.

Cat: You described the customization and crafting of weapons, what types of weapons will possible be in game - and what types will not?

There will be a wide spectrum of weapons available in the game.  Swords, staves, spears, knives, maces, fist weapons, axes, bows, crossbows... pretty much anything you would expect to find in a fantasy game.  We're also working on integrating throwing into the system so that you can use any weapon you have as a ranged weapon in a pinch.  ;)

Cat: Some gamers love their loot, others avoid loot-driven games like an incurable itching disease. Where does Blood and Snow fall on the spectrum?

RL: While Blood and Snow isn't a loot-driven game like Diablo or Torchlight, it does have plenty of loot for those who are enthusiastic about finding it.  The properties of the loot are more important than the looks, name, type etc because players will be able to break down any item above a certain level and use it's properties/stats to augment their own crafted weapons.  This will enable players to keep the loot they like the look of instead of constantly worrying about upgrading items that have better stats but don't look as good to them.

Cat: Real time combat may scare off some gamers - I have a gaming friend (whose identity I am honor bound to protect) that struggled with Dragon Age on Easy. Is difficulty a concern?

RL: As they say: You can't please everyone.  Real time combat is something we really wanted to do with Blood and Snow and while I wouldn't say you have to be an amazing gamer to play it well, it does come with some challenges.  We are trying to make the combat systems as intuitive as possible and because they adhere as closely as possible to real-world physics as we can manage, the things that you can accomplish and invent during combat should be accessible to players from varying skill levels. 

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