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CivCraft - Progress Report #2

by Myrthos, 2015-11-24 12:26:02

Here is a progress update for Civcraft: Legends of Ellaria:

As we're in the final stages for the Early Access, we wanted to share some of our progress and achieved milestones. Our main issue besides composing locations and perfecting the combat system was the high amount of resources it takes to run CivCraft. Long story short, combining a large map for a real time strategy game with high end graphics from first person games takes quite a load on an average computer. In the last few weeks, we managed not only to improve CivCraft's performance to run smoothly, but also improved the terrain's graphics, added 3D clouds, tone mapping and a better terrain graphics.

By next week we should finish tweaking the combat system and the city life, and we'll have an Early Access release date soon. In the meanwhile, thank you for your votes and suggestions, and thank you for your patience, the Early Access is on it's way.

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