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Consortium - Now Available

by Couchpotato, 2014-01-09 00:56:47

Consortium is now available to buy on Steam. Interdimensional Games is tying to get it released on other services, but seems to be having trouble getting keys to backers.

Update- Here is the latest news in the games latest post-funding update.


As of right now, CONSORTIUM v1.0 is available for all "Gimme the Game" backers and higher.

The game is available on your own personal Humble Bundle page: Go HERE and enter in the email you used to back us here on Kickstarter to get access!

Steam keys?

We are offering Steam keys to all backers at the $10 level and higher.  We have sent out surveys to you all, and we have started sending out keys.    However we chose the wrong method to get you keys (individually pasting a key into an email to each and every one of you...), and it's taking forever.  We also just ran out of keys and requested a ton more (we underestimated how many of you have Steam accounts!).    

Anyways, we are looking into getting the rest of you keys who want one via Humble's page, BUT will continue the individual method if necessary.  Either way, we promise to get you a Steam key if you want one before the week is out.    Thanks so much for your patience!

What about all the other rewards?

So now that the game is "done"  (we're still working on it and will be patching it post launch!), we will shifting our focus to all the goodies we promised you last year.  We are actually very excited about the posters, t-shirts, soundtrack, the Kickstarter only Special Edition AND the iDGi-1 Discoveries PDF that we have in the works.     Generally speaking, we are aiming to wrap up production and complete and ship all the remaining rewards before the end of February.   We care very deeply about these things, and though they are coming very late, we promise that you won't be disappointed with the quality of the stuff.

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