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Consortium - Post-Funding Update #30

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-20 00:28:23

Consortium has a new post-funding update with a new video simulation, and news of a new stoty beta.

Extreme Zenlil Simulation

Remember that stretch goal we achieved just in time for the campaign deadline?  Well we've got non-scripted decompression events working in-game now....  Here's a quick glimpse of it. (spoiler alert!) :

Digital Rewards and Story Beta #2

We have partnered up with the extremely cool folks over at Humble Bundle, and they will be helping us out with delivering all the digital pledge rewards to you as they become available.  

To get access to your custom Consortium backer digital reward page, head on over to  and enter in the email address you used to back us here on Kickstarter.

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