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Consortium - Update #19-20 Stretch Goals

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-15 07:55:47

Consortium brings news with Updates #19-20. The project is already funded with three days left with $55,022 earned already. The updates detail the new stretch goals and a character update.

We have zoomed in a bit and created a few smaller stretch goals to give us all something to shoot for over the final days of our campaign.  We have updated the main page with these, but here are the new smaller stretch goals:

$55K: The third most spoken language on Earth is Spanish, so we intend to localize the game to Spanish first.

$60K: There are a few very cool interactive scenes in CONSORTIUM that we have cut due to time and resource restraints that we would love to be able to squeeze back in if we hit this goal. These scenes would increase player freedom and add more consequences to actions...

$65K: Localization to another language, decided by YOU, based on a poll.

$70K: "EXTREME ZENLIL SIMULATION". All exterior doors will be able to be shot out, triggering completely simulated decompression events, potentially causing main characters to die. The environment becomes significantly more fragile (lights, computer screens and more can become damaged). Turbulance will feel more real, creating a more immersive and believable feeling of flight.

$75K: Localization to another language, decided by YOU, based on a poll



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