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Consortium - Update #21 Meet the writers: The Story and Characters

by Couchpotato, 2013-04-16 04:44:41

Consortium brings another update for the successfully funded kickstarter. This time we meet the writers.

Hey all, Steve here: 

I thought it would make sense for me to introduce this update video. You’ll find myself, my fiancée/co-writer/company editor Deanne, and the newest member of our team, Bob Edwards, content writer extraordinaire. Each of us talk about a different aspect of the CONSORTIUM story/characters, and then intermixed are various fitting game play clips.

In addition: Everything we have shown through the course of this campaign has been from the first 40% of the game, and mostly focuses around the Homeless Mercenaries storyline – which is only one story thread in the game. We are keeping the rest of the game under wraps intentionally so as not to spoil all the BIG twists and turns. Kiril and his Homeless Mercs are only the tip of the iceberg... the “setup.”   It’s how you deal with them and the consequences/choices which follow that really matters most.

Before we get to the video, I thought it would be fun to give you a list of “facts” regarding our characters and the story:  

- There is an estimated 3,300-3,500 total lines of dialogue in CONSORTIUM, split between 21 characters.

- There is not a single character (NPC) within the game of whom you cannot speak to. That is A LOT for a game almost entirely based in a single location; CONSORTIUM really will feel like "Interactive Die Hard on a plane." 

- Every single character in CONSORTIUM (including the “generic enemy”) have at least 100 lines of dialogue, some of the more main characters have 300+. The vast majority of these lines come from direct conversation with the player.

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