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Consortium - Update #22, 32 More Hours and an Interview

by Myrthos, 2013-04-17 12:52:35

The Consortium Kickstarter has only 32 hours to go and would like to reach their $70K stretch goal (currently at $61K).

In addition they also mention an interview at iGR.

5. The RPG elements are wide open in CONSORTIUM. Most of the time gamers nowadays attribute RPG to character leveling and customization, forgetting many of the aspects that make the genre great. What was the motivation for iDGi to focus so heavily on the more in-depth aspects of the RPG?

Yeah, we’re getting a little tired of those very old and overused game mechanics, to be honest (levels, experience points, skills and attributes, etc). They certainly work, and they do create a sense of ownership and value towards player characters. However, we are creating an RPG that focuses largely on ROLE PLAYING. We do also have elaborate and unique inventory and resource management systems as well that will allow players to customize themselves. But yeah, one of our principal goals with CONSORTIUM is to attempt to bring to a CRPG the one key element where table-top RPGs have always had the edge: real human interaction.

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