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Consortium - Update #5 and #6

by Myrthos, 2012-12-17 12:32:29

In the last weekend there were two updates for Consortium on Kickstarer. The first is on the music which will feature no other than Jeremy Soule.

Jeremy Soule has always approached his games with a keen eye, and a steady determination to advance the role that music plays.  His scores are spellbinding, embodying the spirit of whatever work he is contributing to, and his standards are impeccable. 

We are approaching the score of CONSORTIUM in much the same way one would a film. The non-linear and branching nature of the game means that players will experience the story in their own way, from their perspective. Jeremy's music will always be there, complimenting what you're doing, playing with your emotions. There will be musical foreshadowing and powerful thematic moments that will help you to interpret the events and unravel the mystery. The music will have meaning within the context of the narrative itself, in precisely the same way that the dialogue contributes to the narrative.

In the second update the team is realizing that being at 9K out of a requested 200K and only 14 days to go, things look difficult.

We know that we should have announced CONSORTIUM at least a month before starting this campaign, in order to give time for the knowledge of our existence to percolate around the world.    We are a new developer creating a brand new I.P., after all....

Sure, our pitch could have been stronger and there is plenty more we could have shown and talked about, but at this point the biggest problem we are facing is the pure lack of traffic to our page and video. Most of our backers have found us through Kickstarter itself. Only just yesterday, Rock, Paper, Shotgun posted about us and triggered a large traffic and backer spike! (THANK YOU!). 

We need many other game sites to discover us, but with the holidays it's been very difficult to line up last minute coverage.  

Please, to those of you who have backed us and want to immerse yourself in the most fully realized and polished version of CONSORTIUM possible -- write to your favourite game news sites, and post on your favourite forums about CONSORTIUM!

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