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Consortium - Update #7

by Dhruin, 2013-03-28 23:02:45

There's yet another Consortium update as their campaign reaches 60%, offering the first stretch goal:

It's set at $70K, and we're calling it "Extreme Zenlil Simulation":

Basically, this means we take an extra month to further polish and refine the game, and get the following features in:

  • Unscripted decompression events.  This means that with explosives, the exterior doors inside Zenlil can be blasted open, triggering dangerous decompression of the immediate area, causing internal airlock doors to slam shut.   People could potentially get pushed out before the atmospheric shielding engages...
  • Enhanced environment destructibility.  This means that anything that looks "fragile", like computer screens can be severely damaged by gun fire, explosions, etc.  Pawns would immediately be assigned to repair them...
  • Enhanced turbulance simulation.  We have turbulance in the game right now, but we want to add more detail and variety.  Imagine everyone on-board reacting to turbulence (getting jostled, losing footing, etc).  Imagine huge turbulence events causing objects to fly around the cabin....etc

Much more info on the game coming soon!  

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