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Copper Dreams - Greenlit on Steam

by Silver, 2016-05-28 00:16:28

Copper Dreams has been greenlit after 15 days which has prompted a kickstarter update. Killscreen Daily also has some more information on Copper Dreams.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us to be on the Steam platform.

Some folks have asked about DRM-Free options as well. GOG has expressed interest and we'd love to have our next game on there as well. We will be talking with them more throughout the year. Besides that, one way or another we'll have the game DRM-Free.


"How would syndicates abuse their power without the oversight of a government?" asks Hannah Williams, one half of Seattle-based Whalenought Studios. That's one of the many questions that Copper Dreams, the studio's second RPG, looks to answer.

While RPGs are often set in vast fantasy worlds, Copper Dreams‘ cyberpunk world takes place on an isolated island called Calitana. It's a place where the uncivilized aspects of humanity can be drawn out, where food is scarce but copper is cheap, resulting in an economy based on the metal, and a culture obsessed with technological body alterations. "We thought it would be interesting to explore what happens if the citizens of that prosperous world are given a one-way ticket to a secluded frontier planet, then more or less abandoned for several decades," Williams said.

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