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Dark Souls - Examining The Games Armor Sets

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-05 00:46:41

Entertainment Buddha has an interesting article on Dark Souls about the various armors you can wear throughout the game. The writer focuses on the story behind each set.

Dark Souls is, for all intents and purposes, one of the best designed video games of all time. Everything from level design, to combat mechanics and even the Souls series signature online component, fits perfectly within the context of the game itself. Much has been said about Dark Souls – be it positive praise or otherwise – but, from a sheer design aspect, it feels like one of the game’s most refined features often gets overlooked. The armor design found in Dark Souls perfectly fits the game’s aesthetic and serves to immerse the player into the world of Lordran.

Perhaps the best aspect of Dark Souls’ armor design is that it does have the ability to go unnoticed. All too often, games tend to feature armors that lean more towards the absurd then anything else. An overabundance of spikes, massive hulking pauldrons, or countless belts are nowhere to be seen within Dark Souls. Armor design in the game heads down a more minimilistic path, and even with some of the more over-the-top armors in Dark Souls, within the context of the lore, the armor makes sense.

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