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Dark Souls - The King and I

by Silver, 2016-01-19 03:57:58 reports on a AI opponent for Dark Souls known as the King.

With Dark Souls III set to arrive soon, it's not surprising that there are only really a few hundred dedicated Dark Souls players still slaying their way through bosses and dominating enemy humans who's worlds they invade with glee. There was is one person who's world they don't want to invade, or be invaded by though and that's The King.

Why though? Surely he's no tougher than any other veteran of the game? Well no, not exactly.

Although he is tough and stands a good chance of killing you, he's different in that The King is an AI. Developed over the course of 10 months by fan of the game, "metal-crow," The King is reverse engineered to be almost unbeatable, or at least worthy of providing a very solid challenge for anyone who considers themselves highly experienced at the game.


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