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Depths of Peril - Interview @ Gamers32

by Dhruin, 2007-12-24 22:50:01

Gamers32 has an interview with Steven Peeler on Depths of Peril, which they reviewed favourably a little while ago:

6. Each covenant (faction) has two unique special feats. Are these the only differences between them? How does this impact the game?

Oh, there’s a good bit more differences than that. The two traits are just a good indicator of how that particular covenant is likely to act. Each covenant has a different level of aggressiveness, how much they like to trade, how much they focus on adventuring, how likely they are to betray a friend, what kind of classes they like to recruit and many other things. All of these impact the game in a lot of ways. The trading covenants tend to be friendly with a lot of the covenants. The aggressive covenants get into lots of wars and like many strategy games drags many other covenants into war with them. I’ll give you a couple examples.

The Sisterhood of Fate is a covenant that starts with fairly good relations with many other covenants. They are spiritual (stronger lifestone) and lucky (better items). They also only recruit females (rogues and priests), so they are an all women covenant. In general, they are likely to have a number of friends and lots of money and items.

Where as the Legion of Fear starts with fairly bad relations with other covenants. They are aggressive (go to war quicker) and demanding (more like to demand tributes). They also are much more difficult to keep happy. In general, they are likely to go the pure war route and destroy anyone they can, especially any covenant that is vulnerable.

Source: Bluesnews

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