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Depths of Peril - News Roundup

by Dhruin, 2007-03-24 10:20:51

Thanks to Steven Peeler from Soldak for dropping us a line to point out several new Depths of Peril items.  First, Gameplay Monthly has an interview:

Explain how diplomacy works in the game and why a player may choose to use it.

Diplomacy is mostly done through trade. You offer them something and ask for something in return. You can also give gifts or make demands. In general, the more good trades and gifts you give to a covenant, the more they will like you.

Using diplomacy can keep everyone from going to war with you at the same time. Remember you are essentially enemies with all of the other covenants. They all want to become the new leaders of the city and you are in the way. If you don't do any diplomacy at all, the other covenants are bound to gang up and destroy you. Unless you are insanely powerful, the other covenants combined can easily destroy your covenant. At a minimum, you use diplomacy to keep as few enemies as possible.

You can also develop full allies with other covenants, which can be very useful. They will protect you if you are attacked and even help with offensive wars, but they will expect the same from you.

At the official site, there's also a new story called In the Eye, and blogs from Steven (lead / programmer / designer) and writer Delilah.

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