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Depths of Peril - Preview @ TechDomain

by Dhruin, 2007-08-21 23:43:33

TechDomain is the latest site to run a preview of Soldak's Depths of Peril.  The article has lots of images and here is a short clip:

The strategy in this game is what makes it interesting, and sets it apart from the others. It really pays to keep an eye on your relationships with the other covenants. From time to time they will make demands of you. If you choose to pay, you keep them happy. If not - well they might just end up fighting you to get what they want (or at least attempt to!). You can also trade items, alliances etc to keep the others happy or working towards a mutual goal. Whatever you do, you can be sure that your own personal play style will greatly impact the direction that the game heads for you.

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Depths of Peril

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