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Depths of Peril - Review @

by Dhruin, 2007-12-28 01:34:44

Seems a few people are catching on to Depths of Peril with their recent win at GameTunnel and another review out today, this time at with a score of 8.5/10:

Hey, got time to try another Diablo clone? Did I hear a groan or two? Probably. The Diablo-genre has been imitated dozens of times so far, and, except for Titan Quest’s cool class system, few have added anything particularly memorable, just copying the same ideas and throwing a few things that Blizzard probably considered, but threw out rather than include in their own games.

No more. Depths Of Peril is the first “Diablo clone” I’ve seen that takes the design and adds so much to it that future designers may be taking ideas from Depths, rather than Diablo.

Source: Bluesnews

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