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Depths of Peril - Updates @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-05-10 22:28:09

There are two new items at Soldak's Depths of Peril site today.  First, a new story snippet titled Zombie Deadfall has been released and second, a new section is up for monsters from both the game and the lore histories:

Aleria was a relatively peaceful place until some greedy miners dug too deep looking for bigger and more valuable lifestones.  They accidently unleashed the dark elves along with many other dangerous monsters in the event know as Depths of Peril.

Since that time there has been four Great Wars in Aleria.  In the Fourth Great War, Aleria was overrun and conquered by the forces of evil but without an enemy left standing to fight, the evil alliances quickly fell and turned on each other in a war over the spoils of victory.

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