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Depths of Peril - Updates @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-12-01 00:07:23

Soldak has kicked up three monster profiles for Depths of Peril (lurker, ghost and tower) and both Steven and his partner Delilah have various blog updates, such as this snip:

Of course, the main problem is that the system is inherently biased.  Most websites make their money from advertising and this advertising comes from the people that get their products reviewed.  So it's obvious that the more advertising money you throw at a review site the better your chances of getting a good review.  Also, if you don't get your good review you can pull or threaten to pull all of your advertising money.  You can also punished the site, by no longer giving them interviews or previews of future games.  The bigger the publisher/developer the more of a threat this is.  Another potential problem with advertising and reviews from the same game on the same site is that if the advertising only pays when clicked then the better the review, the more likely readers will click on the ads, and thus the more money the site makes. 

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