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Deus Ex - Design Doc

by Silver, 2016-11-14 06:17:11

@Reddit Defaultplayer001 shared the original design doc for Deus Ex who he got off Joe Martin, a writer who was writing about them. (Heavy spoiler warning.)

Majestic Revolutions - Joe Martin.pdf DOWNLOAD LINK

SO excited to share this with you, this is a document I've wanted to get my hands on for YEARS, and I just got in contact with the writer of an article on them, Joe Martin (Venerate his name and obey him in all things!), and he sent them to me! He was, as of the writing of the article, unable to fully share them, apparently this has changed.

Going through it is an absolute gold mine.

Tilson and the Ghoul are the best characters, the original endings are really fascinating(I love that if your too slow the ending changes!), and the game is so MASSIVE in scope, it outstanding to read. . I haven't even read it for 5 mins, shaking with excitement. I've only skimmed through these very briefly, haven't even had them for much more then 10 minutes. You'll all be going through them fresh with me.

If that wasn't enough he ALSO sent me Thief 4 (the cancelled modern day reboot! not the one we got!) design docs, and Ion storm Design documents!

Thief 4 Submission Document - Joe Martin.doc DOWNLOAD LINK

"The Thief series has always been held back by esoteric, unrecognizable fiction and passive,

slow-paced gameplay."

I wonder why this reboot didn't work out? /s

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