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Diablo 4 - How Diablo 4 is different from Diablo 3

by Silver, 2019-11-07 06:39:01

VentureBeat talked to Blizzard about how Diablo 4 is different to Diablo 3.

GamesBeat: Let’s say I’m somebody who liked Diablo II more than Diablo III. What am I going to see in Diablo IV that’s going to make me happy?

Murphy: First off — lots of things. From an aesthetic standpoint, the aesthetics would hopefully please folks that are fans of that darker, Gothic, a little bit more real, grittier type of setting.

Kim: On the systems side, there’s much more added customization options, player choice options, like the skill point system. That allows you to rank up your favorite skills, and as you rank up the skills, you unlock new components to that skill. The talent tree system, for example, even if we’re both going the same build, depending on the choice you have made, you’ll be playing a bit different, more in line with how you want to play the game.

Item affixes, same thing. We’ll have lots of the same item affixes that existed in previous Diablo games. We’ll try to improve on that even further. Luis has talked about the plus to skill ranks as an item affix, plus to talent ranks as another type of item affix, and so on. Legendary items are returning, of course. We’re trying to make this change where legendary items are the endgame that you’re playing with, not the sets. This means I can have that full customization on every item slot in the endgame. That hugely increased sense of customization and choice I have available to me, I think, is one of the biggest draws.


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